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1. MailWasher re-write sneak peek
2. MailWasher needs you!
3. New MailWasher Pro 6.51 Upgrade
4. Hotmail now has POP3
5. Spam from your own address?
6. MailWasher Enterprise Server Released
7. Recommended tech newsletter

1. MailWasher re-write sneak peek
I'm pleased to say we're making good progress with the re-write of the new MailWasher, so we thought we'd share the progress with you. With most of the tricky work complete, now it's a matter of making it look great and tie in some of the final features. We're still moving things around so this is by no means the final look. Please see the YouTube video for a quick demo. We'll also keep you regularly updated on progress from now on. Watch video here.

You've probably got lots of questions, so we've tried to provide some answers.

2. MailWasher needs you!
To be able to make the new MailWasher even better, we'd like to ask you for help. We know you all configure MailWasher differently, have different computers, monitors, screen resolutions, versions of Windows and so on. Because we want to make your future experience with MailWasher great, we've created a small statistics program that collects some of this information. This information will go a long way in helping us make design and configuration decisions about the new MailWasher so that it best suit you. Just to put your mind at rest, all this is completely anonymous and confidential. Nothing identifying is extracted, just some basic stats. So, please take a minute to download and run the statistics collector. You only need to do this once, but if you run MailWasher on more than one computer we'd appreciate having the statistics on those computers too. For further information please visit the StatCollector webpage.
Many thanks for your help!

3. New MailWasher Pro version 6.51
We're pleased to release version 6.51 of MailWasher Pro. It contains important bug fixes and a completely new setup wizard. New features:
• New icon for Vista and Windows 7
• New setup wizard imports email accounts from Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, Incredimail, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail
• New contacts importer imports contacts from Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, Incredimail, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail
• Setup Wizard now prompts for users' email program as not everyone has a default email program setup
• Account setup now automatically adds in email settings for some ISP's
• Uninstall asks if you want to keep your user data
• Filter side bar contains a slimline preview

• Screens with resolution of 800 x 600 are now supported
• List index out of bounds error is caught and fixed
• 'MailWasher is already running' message is fixed.
• Accounts selector drop down on Check mail button is fixed
• 'Out of Memory' error now fixed with regards to proxy servers
• VCL Scale by error fixed for users with large fonts
You can get it for free from here. Note: German language version coming soon. The english version will not install over the current German language version.

4. Hotmail now has free POP3 access
Great news for Hotmail users. Microsoft has enabled free POP3 access for Hotmail which makes it a bit quicker to check your email. See here for details on the new settings, or version 6.51 of MailWasher will add these in automatically. If you're interested in a bit more history about Hotmail and our battle with it, Chris has written an interesting and sometimes comical overview at his blog.

5. Block spam which appears to come from you
Are you sick of spam masquerading as though its from yourself? I think we've all received spam at some time which looks like it comes from ourselves. One of our users kindly sent in a filter to recognize this spam and so we'd like to share it with you. Make your own filter by going to 'Settings' button>>Filters and then click 'Add' and make a filter like this (but make sure you use your own email address). See here for a graphical representation.

6. MailWasher Enterprise Server Released
Since we're re-writing all our software, first off the block was a replacement for our server antispam software for company mailservers. Same old story, it became hard to maintain and add new features too plus there were several issues which necessitated a redesign. The new MailWasher Enterprise Server (MWES) Anti-Spam software is based on the same code we use in our back-end systems for processing large volumes of spam in real-time so it's proven under load, light on resources, easy to maintain and will allow us to quickly make changes and add features which companies want. Works with Windows and Linux and includes a new feature called grey listing which pretty much blocks all the spam which may otherwise slip through. We promise. Incidentally, the new MailWasher Pro uses the same back-end code as MailWasher Enterprise Server. You can visit the product page here.

7. Recommended Technology Newsletter
If you like a good read, head on over to www.techbite.com and subscribe to Steve Bass's tech newsletter. Steve used to be a reporter for PC World magazine and has since started techbite. The newsletter is not too long, but has some great information and some funny bits too.

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