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We're excited to have launched our new website! It doesn't take long for websites to look dated. A couple of years?!

So, we've added a bit more color, different layout, compliant XHTML etc, and most important of all, updated content which is easier to find. Everyone is very pleased with the result.

You can never underestimate the amount of work it takes to re-do a website. We had close to 300 pages on the old website, which included things like FAQ's and blog posts and all that had to be re-written and made compliant (so it looks the same in all browsers, more search engine friendly and easily maintainable). It's been evolving for the last 4-5 months but there's always a race to get it finished on time and we had a goal of getting it finished toward the end of August.

A few late nights and some collective knocking our heads against the wall and we got there. A few hiccups at launch and a few broken links along the way but we managed to patch these up, and in the end it's nice to get it done and finished without a lot of bother.

We've got some nice new features such as a suggestion area so users can give their feedback on various features they'd like to see in the software and then vote it up or down. We replicated the functionality of a similar product www.uservoice.com for this. Additionally, content should be easier to find with a better menu system.

We also removed Sitehound and Encrypt products from the site, so only an information page exists. We did this because we are rewriting these products and in their current state they had their own problems with browser compatibility or other dependencies and were not doing anyone any favours. The open source MailWasher Server information has been removed as it's no longer being developed, and has been replaced by MailWasher Enterprise Server.

Anyone who wants to look over the old website can find it at old.firetrust.com