• Super strong encryption based on recognized standards
  • Protect your medical, financial, personal and sensitive information
  • Only the intended recipient can decrypt your email
  • Super easy to use, you don’t need to change anything
  • Secures email from hackers and government eavesdropping
  • Most EncryptUs features are free for personal use


AUTOMATIC EMAIL SECURITY- EncryptUs offers email security without the hassle. Email is end-to-end encrypted automatically with existing email program. (Currently only supports Android devices).

CONFIDENTIAL EMAIL- Emails are encrypted and digitally signed on the device by the sender, eliminating the possibility of confidential information being read by anyone other than intended recipient.

COMPLETE PRIVACY- Encryption and decryption happens on your device. No third party or server dependencies so it can never be shut down. No emails pass through our servers.

COMPLY WITH REGULATIONS- Protect email communications containing sensitive and confidential data, such as client, patient or employee information and intellectual property while meeting regulatory compliance. Email encryption is the best way to protect you and your clients from the increasing incidence of data theft. Get started today with the free version.

  • I administrate the email server for a webhosting company. We have both business and private customers.
    As the administrator, it is very easy for me to read all their mail. With the knowledge gained I could
    probably ruin businesses and relationships. Some of it could probably be sold profitably.


  • With so much concern about government surveillance, corporate espionage, and everyday identity theft,
    it may seem surprising that so few people use encrypted email messages.
    Try using encrypted email and you’ll find it to be difficult and complicated to use.

    CHRIS HOFFMAN Technology Writer

Common Questions.

WHAT IS ENCRYPTION?- Encryption is the science of securing communications against eavesdropping by converting the content of a message into a code, or cipher, which can only be unlocked using a secret “key”. In practice, when I send a message to a friend, it is encrypted, that means it is changed in a way that nobody can read it. Only my friend is able to change it back to the original message (decrypt it), and will then be able to read it.

WHY SHOULD I ENCRYPT MY EMAILS?- Did you know that the information we send in an email is easily exposed? We send personal information via email all the time, but we’d balk at the thought of entering personal information in to untrusted websites.

Fact is, you’re doing it all the time, every day, by sending and receiving your email un-encrypted. When you send an email it’s sent in a very non-secure way so people at your ISP may read it, your government, employer, and let’s not rule out unscrupulous hackers.

Personal information like financial info, medical info, employee data, legal info, family stuff, passwords and so on is there to access.

To summarize...
• Email is sent in a plain readable format
• Copies of your email are left on servers.
• Stored email may be read in the future.

BUT EMAIL IS SO FAST! SURELY ONCE I SEND AN EMAIL, MOMENTS LATER IT'S RECEIVED ON THE RECIPEINTS COMPUTER AND THEY HAVE IT NOW?- Your email is actually retained on your ISP’s mail server, and copies retained on any other mail server it’s passed through. Most people can get their email on their mobile device, which means you’re probably using IMAP to get your emails. This means your emails are sitting on a mail server, ready to be accessed if needed. Some governments are now requiring ISP’s to keep all users browsing and email records, and in some cases as with Yahoo, the USA’s NSA secretly installed a backdoor device in to their mail servers to access all Yahoo users’ emails.

Gmail,, are all major email providers and they do a great job, but your email is still sitting on their servers where it can be accessed and viewed if necessary. But if it’s encrypted by EncryptUs, no one except you can ever read it.

OK, WELL I PROBABLY DON’T CARE IF THE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO LOOK AT MY STUFF.- Well, it’s really none of their business in the first place, but if you feel that way, do you mind if I come over and go through your emails? I didn’t think so. It’s similar if someone came to your house and went through all your stuff without asking. You probably have lots of personal infomation such as passwords, financial and personal medical infomation stored in your emails. Plus, people you correspond with may not appreciate their emails to you being potentially exposed.

NOW I’M INTERESTED, HOW DO I GET STARTED?- EncryptUs only runs on Android phones and tablets at the moment (via our FireMail app), but Windows, Mac, Linux, and IOS devices are planned. So you’re covered and it’s super easy to setup and get started. Really. Just use the Google Play Store button to get started. You don’t need to change anything, you can still use your email address and your favourite email program (except the mobile versions are an actual email program themselves).

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE FREE AND PAID VERSIONS?- The free versions limitation is that is uses the same encryption key for everyone who uses the free version. That makes it easy to get started as you don’t need to set anything up and everyone can use it. The paid version lets you have your own encryption keys which are not shared.

EncryptUs secures your email with strong encryption.

EncryptUs makes sending emails safe. It does this by encrypting the contents of each email so that only the recipient can read it. The email cannot be read by anyone else while it is in transit. EncryptUs uses strong Elliptic Curve Cryptography (Curve 25519)

Working with EncryptUs is simple. Once it’s installed, you still send and receive emails as you normally would. There’s nothing special or different you need to do. EncryptUs operates invisibly in the background, encrypting and decrypting emails automatically as it manages your cryptographic keys.

EncryptUs works when someone else you send an email is also using EncryptUs, then you can just opt to send your email as encrypted.

“Now you can have the confidence your emails stay private to you and the intended recipient.”

EncryptUs removes all the complicated bits.

EncryptUs is not the only email encryption software out there, but it’s certainly the easiest to get working and use.

• Installs with a few clicks in about 30 seconds
• No configuration required, works instantly & transparently with your existing email program
• Send email as you normally do. You can either send email as encrypted, or not.

Unlike other email encryption software, there’s no need to deal with passwords, key generation, finding and importing other people’s keys, using awkward plugins, dealing differently with attachments, using a different email address or managing certificates. EncryptUs manages all this automatically in the background and works smoothly with your regular email program.

“You won't need to deal with complicated setups or encryption keys. Use your existing email program and send emails as you normally do.”

Better now than ever.

Times are changing quickly and new laws around the world are requiring email providers to store customer emails for years - this means access to your information for those who can. Governments around the world have also enacted laws to enable interception of all your email. There’s no better time than now to make sure your email content could never be turned against you, or your correspondents.

Even if you don’t care about your privacy, people you correspond with may not appreciate all their personal information becoming public. Therefore you should encrypt your email.

Note: Both the sender and receiver need to be using EncryptUs to send secure emails. Fortunately it’s free for personal use so just tell your correspondents to install FireMail to get EncryptUs as well.

If your friends are not using EncryptUs, your emails are still sent between each other without encryption, ensuring they can still read their email as usual.

“Get your friends using EncryptUs, then all your emails will be encrypted together.”

EncryptUs vs Regular Email

Super strong connection (Elliptic curve cryptography)NOYES
Safe from hackers, government eavesdroppingNOYES
Meets the email encrypted requirements for data-in-motion for HIPAA, GLBA, California SSB-1386, Sarbanes-Oxley and ISO 17799NOYES
Secure wireless email communication from a Wi-Fi hotspot, hotel or airportNOYES
Works with all email programs.YESYES
Product compliance and activity reports to protect you from claims of non-delivery and disputes over content sent (COMING SOON)NOYES
Verify the sender is who they say they are and ensure the content has not been altered (COMING SOON)NOYES
Obfuscate email headers to avoid meta data identification (COMING SOON)NOYES (paid)
Time limited and expire encrypted emails (COMING SOON)NOYES (paid)
Option to require a mutual password to read encrypted email (COMING SOON)NOYES (paid)
Tracking if email is opened/replied to/forwarded (COMING SOON)NOYES (paid)













27 November 2019

End to end encryption of your email.

No limitations

Free with paid features.