Webroot SecureAnywhere delivers complete protection against viruses, spyware, and other online threats without slowing down Mac performance or disrupting your normal activities.

With its fast scans and threat removal, you can rest assured that malware is eliminated quickly and easily. SecureAnywhere gives you the freedom to surf, share, shop, and bank online all with the confidence that your Mac and your identity will be kept safe.

Scans run automatically every day, at about the same time you installed SecureAnywhere. For example, if you installed SecureAnywhere at 8 p.m., it always launches a scan around 8 p.m. It will not disrupt your work, nor will it launch while you play games or watch a movie.

During scans, SecureAnywhere searches all areas where potential threats can hide, including drives, files, and system memory. It looks for items that match our threat definitions, match descriptions in our community database, or exhibit suspicious behavior. Although scans run automatically, you can launch a scan at any time.

An immediate scan might be necessary if you surfed a high-risk website, such as networking, music, or adult entertainment, downloaded high-risk items such as screen savers, music, or games, or accidentally clicked on a suspicious pop-up advertisement. You can run a scan from the menu bar or from the main window.

As you surf the Internet, the shields automatically block and quarantine any threats that attempt to download and run on your Mac. If a shield detects an item that it classifies as a potential threat or an item it does not recognize, it opens an alert. The alert asks if you want to allow the item to run or if you want to block it. If you aren't sure what to do, we recommend blocking the file.