If hackers can access your email account, they'll have access to a treasure trove of personal information such as passwords, banking, financial and medical information, plus lots of information to impersonate you and cause a lot of trouble.

Not only that, copies of the emails are left on servers and can be stored and read in the future. But these are not the only reasons you should encrypt your email. Here's some other good reasons.

Most email hacking can be accessed via these 4 ways.

1. WiFi
2. Phishing
3. Password guessing
4. key Loggers

Lets look at each briefly

1. It's perfectly easy to use free Network analysis software like WireShark to intercept email passwords on public WiFi networks. Either the hacker can tap in to the WiFi signal and access any unencrypted email passwords, or the hacker can setup their own fake WiFi network which users can connect to and steal login information.

2. Phishing is a type of social engineering. A hacker modifies an existing email from a well known company, or creates their own email with a link to a fake website then sends it to a user. If the user does not verify that the email is fake and clicks on the link in the email then they may either contract a virus, or give up their personal information.

3. Password guessing Some people make up very slack or insecure passwords and these can often be guessed from their date of birth, cellphone number, pet or other favourite thing. Sometimes knowing this personal information is enough to start guessing security questions of an email account and therefore the hacker is able to reset the password, and put their own password in to the account.

4. Perhaps the simplest way to get email hacked is via a key-logger. This hardware device - if the hacker has access to the victims computer, or piece of software - via a link, logs every keystroke the person makes and then uploads or sends the words the victim has written to the hacker. Invariably, after a while the victim will type in a password and it will be delivered to the hacker.

If you encrypt your email with EncryptUs and a hacker were able to get access to your emails, then they still wouldn't be able to read the content of the emails. EncryptUs ensures the content of your email stays encrypted and confidential until it's delivered to you. Even if the government were to ask your email provider/ISP to hand over your emails, they still wouldn't be able to read them.

EncryptUs uses strong end to end encryption to guarantee safe passage of your confidential email messages. Not only that, when you use EncryptUs you don't need to change anything about the way you send and receive email - it's all automatic. Plus, EncryptUs is free to use.