HideAway VPN free for 2 months

Friday 27th March 2020

Everyone could use a bit of relief during these difficult times as this global pandemic has affected us all in some way, shape or form.

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MailWasher Turns 15

Thursday, 15th September 2016

It's been a long and enjoyable journey, started back in 2000 when I decided I was going to do something about the spam coming in to my inbox.

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Useful Tips for MailWasher Pro 7.7

Tuesday, 16th February 2016

Recently we sent out an email containing some useful tips for users - many of these as a direct result of support queries we get.

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Latest Win 10 Update may affect MailWasher

Friday, 1st January 2016

Microsoft have released a Windows 10 update which will cause problems with MailWasher Pro if you have the tutorial load on startup - here's how to fix it!

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Friday, 31st July 2015

Windows 10 has been released over the past few days.
Here's a guide on compatibility with Firetrust's products.

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Firetrust websites/services & OpenSSL Heartbleed

Wednesday, 16th April 2014

All Firetrust websites and services are using an older version of OpenSSL which is not vulnerable to the widely publicized Heartbleed vulnerability. Just so you know.

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XP support finished April 8, what are you doing?

Monday, 31st March 2014

On April 8th, Microsoft will end support for Windows XP, its very good and popular operating system used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. So, what to do?

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SECUREANYWHERE is PC Mag editors choice for 2013

Thursday, 17th January 2013

We are pleased to announce that SecureAnywhere received PCMag Editors choice award for best antivirus 2013.

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How do i hide emails?

Thursday, 12th August 2010

One of the features currently missing in MailWasher 2010 is the ability to hide emails, and as it turns out, this wasn't such a good idea on our part and we have been suitably chastised.

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Winter in Christchurch

Friday, 30th April 2010

I usually wouldn't spend company time writing about something completely irrelevant to Firetrust, but as I'm paid by the hour I figured why the hell not.

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MailWasher Piracy Numbers

Wednesday, 25th November 2009

It's been far too long since a blog has been posted here, but now that I’m out of rehab things can finally return to normal. MailWasher Pro... noe the most pirated anti spam program...

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Scams target you - protect yourself

Monday, 2nd March 2009

It’s Fraud Awareness Week here until the 9th of March, so plenty is going on in regards to helping people educate themselves, and report scams to protect others. Scam...

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hotmail now with free pop3 access

Wednesday, 28th January 2009

Hotmail has finally moved out of the Age of Stupid and entered the Age of Last Century by allowing free POP3 and SMTP access. It has been available for some time already...

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Intelligence not included

Friday, 12th December 2008

Throughout November 2008 we received some 30 odd purchases of our Benign software through a single affiliate. Affiliate programs like ours give sellers a percentage of each...

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the proof is in the chocolate

Thursday, 13th November 2008

We've been getting really great responses since we said we would again take trade for MailWasher Pro. So as I have a holiday tomorrow, giving that nice long weekend and a...

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Contextual Advertising

Thursday, 7th August 2008

I do enjoy the benefits of contextual advertising. Read an article about laptops, see advertising on laptops and their associated products. It has its limits of course, as I don't...

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don't drop the fake palmolive soap

Monday, 26th May 2008

Cleanliness is next to godliness, which is next to your cell mate Bubba who fancies a good time. For a long time people have been scammed by websites selling goods that...

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Tuesday, 13th May 2008

Many of us who aren’t particularly computer literate will from time to time turn to our nerdly friends for help and advice. But we do so on the basis that these Dungeons and Dragons...

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domain name scams

Monday, 10th March 2008

If you own your own website, and have a brand associated with that name then it can be a messy business. With so many different countries having their own suffix, you...

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So, you wanna deal with a website in China

Thursday, 13th December 2007

Since posting the big ass list of websites that we think are very dodgy, we’ve drawn a crapload of comments from..... (Christopher !! – Stop Swearing !!!) ......(Sorry Mum).....sigh...

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anatomy of a chinese scam

Wednesday, 10th October 2007

Further to the information below, which you should read, because it took me ages. There is also a supplemental post here that relates to dealing with websites in China...

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