Upgrading to MailWasher Pro version 7 (and onwards) from MailWasher Pro 6.54 or earlier

MailWasher Pro version 7 and onwards, works independently of older MailWasher versions (version 6.54 and earlier), so you can install and run both the old 6.x version and new version at the same time. MailWasher Pro will pick up the settings from the old MailWasher Pro, but you'll want to take a note of the following:

• You cannot use your existing license key from MailWasher Pro 6.X. Only 12 digit keys in the form ABCD-EFGH-IJKL will work with MailWasher Pro 7 and onwards. Download the 30-day trial version from the Download link and install it.
• MailWasher Pro 7 will not run on Windows 98, Me or 2000. It will only run on Windows XP, Vista and 7.
• All your contacts, most settings and email account information will be imported.
• Your filters will not be imported in to MailWasher Pro 7. Unfortunately they will be required to be re-written because the filtering engines are very different.
• 'Process Mail' is now 'Wash Mail'
• Spam tools now use a weighted approach to recognizing spam, so instead of just one spam tool making the decision about whether an email is spam or not, all spam tools are evaluated to ensure a more accurate evaluation.
• User files are now held in a database (as opposed to text files and the Registry) with other settings such as language files for translations held as XML files, all accessible via Help>>User Files or Help>>Common Files.

If you need help with installing MailWasher Pro 7 and onwards, please see the Quick Start Guide, otherwise you can Download
MailWasher Pro

Upgrading to MailWasher Pro version 7 and onwards

MailWasher Pro 7 has an automatic update notifier built in, so you'll be notified when a new version is available. Once you decide to upgrade, the new version will be downloaded and installed automatically, ready for use.