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MailWasher Pro 2011 Released + Lifetime License

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This free upgrade has quite a few changes, from a new look, to speed increases and more informative spam filtering.

The 2011 version also contains all the cumulative improvements since we released the 2010 version. Some of the visual changes include new tabs and icons for a less cartoonish look, plus you can now choose themes for the frames and border. You can now get more usable space out of the preview pane by selectively showing what extra information to display. Another visual improvement is better information about how an email has been evaluated with the spam tools. You can see in the preview pane a quick overview of which spam tools were used and the points associated with the evaluation.

Other improvements include general speed improvements and bug fixes.

We've also released a .NET 4 version, which supports Microsoft's latest framework. This already has shown improvements in stability and better/less memory usage but it is a beta version. If you're having any issues with the current version, then the .NET 4 version may well fix things. It may require a 45MB download from Microsoft if it hasn't already installed via Windows update.