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MailWasher Pro 2010 Released

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After a fairly lengthy development process, we're pleased to release MailWasher Pro 2010.

A some of our readers will know, some time ago we embarked on re-writing MailWasher Pro, as after 9 years it had become hard to make improvements and add anything useful without running it to other issues. So, we decided we'd start with a clean slate and rewrite it from scratch.

We initially thought it would be quite straight forward to almost copy the existing version and its features. But, at the same time we wanted to improve on all the areas the old version lacked, such as usability enhancements, a better looking user interface, better back end processing and better spam detection. It turned out not to be so simple, even with having a model to work off. We had to cram years of features in to a working first release, otherwise our existing users would likely say, 'what happened to this feature?'

When there are so many existing users, we had to be careful not to alter their perception of the software, but make subtle improvements that we hoped they would like. Feedback from all the beta testers seemed to indicate that we were on the right path as early on, many of them preferred the new version.

It's amazing how complicated software development is, there are just so many little niggly things that need to be sorted out, work arounds written for non compliant software, optimization to get things working smoothly and hours and hours of testing.

So, I'd like to say a huge thanks to the team for getting it done, working well together and delivering a great final result which I'm sure everyone will find is a huge improvement. I'd also like to say a special thanks to all the beta testers, around 300 of you have given up your time to help test, file bug reports and give valuable feedback, for which we're very grateful.

So head on over to the download page to give MailWasher Pro 2010 a try.

We'll be sending out a great upgrade offer to existing users over the next month. If you purchased MW Pro 6.x in the last 6 months you'll be eligible for a free upgrade. Please contact support@firetrust.com

Best regards
Nick Bolton