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New: Important MailWasher Pro 2011 Update

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Today we released an important update to MailWasher Pro with many improvements, including speed enhancements and spam reporting.

A new feature many users had been anticipating is spam reporting. Users can now report spam from within MailWasher to their ISP, Government or blacklist provider such as SpamCop. MailWasher makes it easy to report spam with a single click. Other improvements such as speed enhancements have been added and will continue to be worked on in the future.

Some enhancements we'll be working on next include:

• Statistics - Get some useful information about how much email you're getting, how it's classified and more
• Hiding emails - Use spam tools to hide emails you don't want to see
• More notification options - loads more ways to notify you of new emails
• Faster filters - filter evaluation will be faster
• Import/Export settings - makes shifting to a new computer or backups a snap

We're also looking at the viability of Mac, Linux and mobile versions. its early days as we test concepts but we'll let you know more as we firm up our testing.