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MailWasher Mobile 2.0 - iOS, Android & Windows

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MailWasher Mobile 2.0.0 is all new, completely rewritten, faster and better all round. Now supports all your IMAP and POP3 email accounts. Plus it's FREE

MailWasher Mobile 2.0.0 is available now in the following AppStores

Apple: iTunes Appstore
Android: Google Play Store
Windows Phone: WP8 Store

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Your old username/login no longer works. We replaced the system and now you need to create a new one. So go to 'Create Account' and enter an email address and password to use as a 'Firetrust Login', then you'll be able to enter your email accounts. If also using MailWasher Pro, then go to Settings>>Sync, logout, then login and select v 2.0 and enter your Firetrust Login details just created.

2. Syncing IMAP email accounts - the current released version of MailWasher Pro had IMAP sync disabled so it won't let you sync IMAP type email accounts. Please download and install this version to sync your IMAP email accounts.

3. Trouble getting in to Gmail? Gmail has probably blocked your account from being used with MailWasher Mobile, so visit this link, then go to 'Recent Activity' to unblock the app. Also creating an application specific password should help.