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Our new MailWasher Mobile version for IOS, Android and Windows Phone is available in beta.

It's completely rewritten from scratch and is faster and will allow us to easily and quickly add more new features in the future. While it's still fairly basic, the navigation and usability has been improved plus it's sporting a new design.

It's not as feature complete as the previous version, and these are the things we'll be working on next.
1. Reset password
2. Trash Bin
3. Notifications
4. Sync with MailWasher Pro
5. Wildcards in friends list and blacklist
6. Custom filters
7. Some preset filters to mark all for delete etc

It's available at http://forum.firetrust.com/viewforum.php?f=55 (old link) but see below for IOS and Windows Phone 8 users.

Android users can freely download and use the app, we need to UDID of IOS users devices (we don't have many spots left), and Windows Phone 8 users will need to email their Microsoft account email address to sales@firetrust.com