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MailWasher Pro 7.5 Released

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This new version of MailWasher Pro contains a long awaited feature for the increasingly common IMAP usage by users of GMail, Outlook.com and many other email providers.

IMAP adoption has increased a lot over the past year, and is now the default option setup for many email providers. IMAP keeps all the email on the server so users always have access to their email on all computers and mobile devices, plus it serves as a useful email backup.

Since all email is left on the server, in past versions of MailWasher, all of the email would be downloaded in to the mail grid, something which frustrated users if they had hundreds or thousands of emails. The new version 7.5 of MailWasher Pro will only download un-read email from the server, so you'll only see the new and un-read emails in MailWasher - a big time saver!

Also new in this version is TLS for POP and IMAP accounts, for those who require this. Additionally MailWasher now includes Simplified and Traditional Chinese languages.

We removed the old mobile version references, so now users should only be able to sync to the new MailWasher Mobile 2.0 version.

This version also contains numerous bug fixes, all of which can be viewed here.

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