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New MailWasher Pro, Server & OkInbox Released

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It's been a busy month as this week we released new versions of our software.

The version updates can be seen here

MailWasher Pro
http://www.firetrust.com/en/products/mailwasher-pro/change-log (link removed)

MailWasher Enterprise Server
http://www.firetrust.com/en/products/mailwasher-enterprise-server/suppor...(link removed)

http://www.firetrust.com/en/products/okinbox-stops-email-overload/suppor...(link removed)

Most of the updates relate to bug fixes and performance improvements, but coming around the corner we've got updates to the mobile versions of MailWasher which includes things like notifications and recycle bin.

We also have in development Mac and Linux versions of MailWasher Pro (finally!) and we hope to release something in the next 2 months, along with another new project....