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EncryptUs Secure Email Encryption Available

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Easy to use and free email encryption is now available with EncryptUs, securing your emails from prying eyes.

EncryptUs brings to the market easy email encryption for everyone. Now users don't need to make those common compromises that other email encryption products suffer from.

Because email is sent in an easily readable format and is often stored for years, it has no protection from prying eyes meaning any personal information you send could be hacked years into the future. Messages you thought were deleted years ago may still be sitting on servers around the world.

With EncryptUs, users:
1. Can use their existing email address, they don't need to signup to use a special email address.
2. Don't need to change how they use their email - they can jsut send emails as they normally do.
3. No configuration needed, it's super easy to get started. Just install and select who you want to send encrypted emails to and get back to work.

Email encryption, although desirable has long suffered from terrible usability and difficult setup and hence it has not been widely adopted. EncryptUs solves those problems so users don't need to change anything about how they send and receive their email.

This release is for Windows 7, 8 and 10 only and works with all email programs which support POP3 and IMAP. Mac, Linux and Mobile versions are under development.

EncryptUs is free to use, but for a short time we're running an introductory price of $10 which unlocks extra features now and in the future. See more about EncryptUs here.