Maintaining email privacy and securing sensitive
information is difficult. That’s why we have
perfected easy & effective email encryption.

You can't ignore it any longer. Encrypt your email!

In todays world, we won't enter personal details in to untrusted websites, but we send personal information via regular (insecure) email all the time.

Here's a question to ask.

Q. Are your conversations private?
A. Not with email.

Have you ever emailed personal details, finances, credit card details etc to someone via email?

You probably didn't know, but sending email is very insecure.

Your email usually passes through a large number of computers, other networks and countries, leaving a copy of itself each time. At all times your messages can be read by the people who are in charge of these computers and network equipment (and in many cases your government).

Because email is sent in an easily readable format and is often stored for years, it has no protection from prying eyes meaning any personal information you send could be hacked years into the future. Messages you thought were deleted years ago may still be sitting on servers around the world.

So, in a nutshell...
  • email is sent in a plain readable format.
  • copies of your email are left on servers.
  • stored email may be read in the future.
...and we know our governments love to intercept our email. This is why you should encrypt your email!

What is encryption?

Encryption is the science of securing communications against eavesdropping by converting the content of a message into a code, or cipher, which can only be unlocked using a secret "key".

In practice, when I send a message to a friend, it is encrypted, that means it is changed in a way that nobody can read it. Only my friend is able to change it back to the original message (decrypt it), and will then be able to read it.

EncryptUs secures your email with strong encryption

With the very strong encryption used by EncryptUs, generally speaking it would take computers millions of years to crack your messages.

Using recognized industry standard encryption, EncryptUs goes a step further and makes email encryption usable for everyone. It sits in the background automatically encrypting and decrypting your email (in case you were not aware, email encryption has traditionally been difficult to setup and cumbersome to use). EncryptUs is fully featured and free to use.

How does it work?

EncryptUs makes sending emails safe. It does this by encrypting the contents of each email so that only the recipient can read it. The email cannot be read by anyone else while it is in transit.

Working with EncryptUs is simple. Once it's installed, you still send and receive emails as you normally would. There's nothing special or different you need to do. EncryptUs operates invisibly in the background, encrypting and decrypting emails automatically as it manages your cryptographic keys.

EncryptUs works when someone else you send an email is also using EncryptUs, then all your email communications together are automatically encrypted.

If you send an email to someone who doesn't use EncryptUs, then your emails are sent as usual. ie. Not encrypted.

Simple and secure!

EncryptUs removes all the complicated bits

EncryptUs is not the only email encryption software out there, but it's certainly the easiest to get working and use.
  • Installs with a few clicks in about 30 seconds.
  • No configuration required - it works instantly and transparently with your existing email program.
  • Send email as you normally do. No need to do anything differently as EncryptUs will encrypt email automatically between users.
Unlike other email encryption software, there's no need to deal with passwords, key generation, finding and importing other people's keys, using awkward plugins, dealing differently with attachments, using a different email address or managing certificates. EncryptUs manages all this automatically in the background and works smoothly with your regular email program.

What's the catch?

Both the sender and receiver need to be using EncryptUs to send secure emails. Fortunately it's free so just tell your correspondents to install EncryptUs as well.

If your friends are not using EncryptUs, your emails are still sent between each other without encryption, ensuring they can still read their email as usual.

Sender Verification

(COMING SOON) EncryptUs lets you verify the person who sent you an email is actually that person, not some faked email from someone else.

You'll find a link at the bottom of an incoming email with the words 'Click to Verify Sender' so you can check the authenticity of the sender.

Better now than never

Times are changing quickly and new laws around the world are requiring email providers to store customer emails for years - this means access to your information for those who can. Governments around the world have also enacted laws to enable interception of all your email. There's no better time than now to make sure your email content could never be turned against you, or your correspondents.

Even if you don't care about your privacy, people you correspond with may not appreciate all their personal information becoming public. Therefore you should encrypt your email.

EncryptUs vs Regular Email

Features Regular email EncryptUs email
Super strong encryption (256 bit AES Rijndael Block Cipher combined with RSA 4096 bit Public key encryption) to entire message header, body and attachments No Yes
Safe from hackers, government eavesdropping No Yes
Meets the email encrypted requirements for data-in-motion of HIPAA, GLBA, California SSB-1386, Sarbanes-Oxley and ISO 17799 No Yes
Secure wireless email communication from a Wi-Fi hotspot, hotel or airport No Yes
Works with all email programs such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc. Webmail such as Gmail,, etc when used with POP3 and IMAP Yes Yes
Produce compliance and activity reports to protect you from claims of non-delivery and disputes over content sent. (COMING) No Yes
Verify the sender is who they say they are and ensure the content has not been altered. (COMING) No Yes
Obfuscate email headers to avoid meta data identification. (COMING) No Yes (paid)
Time limited and expire encrypted emails. (COMING) No Yes (paid)
Option to require a mutual password to read encrypted email. (COMING) No Yes (paid)
Tracking if email is opened/replied to/forwarded. (COMING) No Yes (paid)

Common Questions

Q. How do I get EncryptUs working?
A. Just download and install EncryptUs. If you and your correspondents are using EncryptUs, all your emails will automatically be securely encrypted. If someone you correspond with is not using EncryptUs, then your emails will be sent as normal plain text. Simple!

Q. Does EncryptUs work with Windows, Mac and Linux?
A. Currently we only have a Windows version available, but EncryptUs has been designed to work on Mac and Linux computers since after all, you never know what type of computer your email recipients are using. We'll release the Mac and Linux versions soon after the Windows version.

Q. What Encryption standard does EncryptUs use?
A. EncryptUs uses 256 bit AES Rijndael Block Cipher combined with RSA 4096 bit Public key encryption. It would take computers millions of years to break the encryption used in EncryptUs.

Q. I already use SSL with my email
A. SSL only encrypts the email while in transit until it reaches your email provider. After this it's stored and sent in plain text to your recipient. EncryptUs works with your SSL email.

Q. Can you read my emails or would you give access to governments when requested?
A. We would be unable to as all your emails are held on your computer and you hold the private keys. We don't have access to your emails or the means to decrypt them, unlike webmail providers.

Q. Can you give me some more details about how it really works?
A. EncryptUs is installed as a local proxy, so it intercepts your outgoing email when you press the Send button, it then grabs the public key of the recipient from the Firetrust key server and uses that to encrypt the email. The encrypted email is then sent to the recipient. Once the recipients computer receives the email, EncryptUs intercepts the encrypted email and uses the recipients private key to decrypt the email and send it to the users email program inbox.



  • - Financial information
  • - Health information
  • - Personal information
  • - Sensitive company information
  • - All your conversations

  • It's free for personal use! Simple to install and use. Best of all it secures your email without you having to do anything different.

Here's some articles about Governments etc wanting to snoop on your email communications.

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Feds swoop on accounts without warrants
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Obama wants broader internet wiretap authority
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FBI drive for backdoor encryption access
US plans massive data sweep
FBI can wiretap all internet users

UK to install black boxes to intercept and decrypt all internet and phone messages
UK to track all browsing, email and phone calls
UK Government to monitor all internet use
UK expensive net spying plan proceeds
UK Government says more spying needed

Canada to mandate ISP deep packet inspection

Plans for large scale interception of all communications
European ISP's to record all emails and calls

Australian Law Enforcement Pushes Against Encryption, Advocates Data Retention
ASIC wants availability of all phone and internet data
Australia to retain email history
Australian ISP's to log all web browsing and email history

Wiretapping law sparks outrage in Sweden
Swedish Wiretap bill monitors all email coming in and out of Sweden

India to monitor all telecommunications

All New Zealand email and web browsing to be monitored

I administrate the email server for a webhosting company. We have both business and private customers. As the administrator, it is very easy for me to read all their mail. With the knowledge gained I could probably ruin businesses and relationships. Some of it could probably be sold profitably.

System Administrator, Sweden

EcryptUs is a great solution to unsecure emailing etc etc.... quote from somebody else in here please... text and more text and more text

Person, Country

Another quote in here from somebody would be great if possible! Anything will do, some more text some more text.... etc etc etc

Somebody, New Zealand