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Today we completed a refresh of our website, well actually everything about the site is new. It's now more modern looking, much much faster and more consistent throughout.

Last time we updated our website was 7 years ago, and at the time I figured that would be the last time we'd need to change it since we could just modernize and change small aspects as we go and it would always look good. But as we've learned, nothing stays still very long in the tech world and our existing website became slow, outdated and inflexible as web technology evolved.

In between other projects, this new site took an embarasingly long time to complete, but we did have over 600 pages on our old site, so there was a lot of content to migrate and new graphics to design.

We are still working on updating the look and feel of the Forum and Shopping Cart so stay tuned for those updates! Feel free to comment if you find anything which needs fixing and we'll get on to it.

Now, back to those other projects...