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MailWasher Turns 15

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It's been a long and enjoyable journey, started back in 2000 when I decided I was going to do something about the spam coming in to my inbox. There were a smattering of anti-spam products on the market at the time, but they were either difficult to use or feature limited, so I set about designing one I would use. Six months later I launched MailWasher on to the world as a free product (although if you felt generous, please send me a donation). The first version was of course full of bugs and I soon had lots of people writing in with bug reports, so began the long process of fixing bugs and replying to hundreds of customer emails. I was working from 6am until bedtime answering emails, and there was no time off because I knew if I got behind I'd never catch up. Enter employee number 1, Mike the support guy who also happily answered the 2000 emails we got in 24 hours when MailWasher got featured on the BBC.

Things just got busier from then on, Chris who's still with us came on board next to help with support and then became instrumental in removing bugs from MailWasher to take the pressure off the increase number of support staff. Lots has changed since then and spam is still a problem for many people. All the while MailWasher has evolved over the years, and we've tried to add the features people want while still keeping it simple to use. We're working on version 8 at the moment - it has a new user interface in a bid to pare back any complexity, plus it has some nice new features. Additinally, we're working on a new mobile version.

If you've read to the bottom, thank you and you can use this link to get 25% off MailWasher Pro plus be in the draw to win US$500. Many thanks for everyone's support over the years. It's great to hear how it's been such a useful tool for so many people.

Cheers Nick