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So, you wanna deal with a website in China

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Since posting the big ass list of websites that we think are very dodgy, we’ve drawn a crapload of comments from..... (Christopher !! – Stop Swearing !!!) ......(Sorry Mum).....sigh.....

Since posting a rather substantial list of websites, that are fraudulent in nature either by selling counterfeit merchandise or simply taking orders but never sending product, we’ve drawn a significant amount of comments from folk who either are still interested in buying branded product from unofficial Chinese websites, or have themselves become victims.

I’m not quite sure what it is that drives people to believe they can buy quality and legitimate branded product like Nike and Rolex from China without going through the brand owners proper authorised distribution channels, but then I also think that’s irrelevant at this point. Though there is some further reading on FraudWatchers as well which I think reiterates the issues.

To help cope with the number of comments we’ve attracted, and to further try to help folk who have been ‘taken’ by these websites, I’d like to offer the following information on authorities within China you can contact.

Before I get into those details, something I should stress a great deal is be extremely wary of your manner, I say this because when people are rude to me, I quite often just ignore them. We aren’t in Texas, and those who shout loudest will not win. China is also a very big place, and there is a significant amount of beauracracy that often has to be dealt with, and while this can be frustrating, it’s something you should be prepared for given you are considering dealing with China.

• Never swear or use any racial slurs in your communication. The contact details below I give, I give because they can help, they are not trying to take money from you, or make your process painful. If you become insulting you may easy offend people and lose their support.
• Always spell check, and use proper language, such as no slang in any written communication. English is not their first language, if you use text speak, slang, or just not bother to spell check properly you make it extremely difficult. Things can often get lost in translation, and misunderstandings can occur.
• Be as clear, and concise, and thorough as possible. The more information you can give the better.

The Ministry of Commerce to the Peoples Republic of China
The most helpful government department I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve sent them three separate enquiries and each time received a reply within 24 hours. They will not have all the answers, but they are excellent at redirecting your enquiry and giving you advice on whom you could contact regarding your specific questions. You can view a lot of the previous questions that have been asked and answered as well here. Website
Contact Online

Local Administration for Industry and Commerce
Here you can confirm the validity, and if the company is legally registered. You can also check if it has certificates for foreign trade. If the company you check turns out to be illegal or fraudulent, then the local relevant authorities will take action to terminate it. Well, that’s the theory. I have yet to see it work yet.

Inquiries about Registration and Operation of Enterprise in China

You need to be sure you select the Region, if none of your searching turns up any results then contact the local authorities for Industry and Commerce, as each province within China has its own Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau there are many branches, full details here.

Contact website for local authorities

If you don’t know which province, check the website you are looking to deal with.

You may also use the Local Administration for Industry and Commerce to contact for complaints if something is wrong with the transaction.

Mediation Center of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
If something goes wrong with your transaction, and you have already tried to contact your Chinese business partner to resolve without success, then these are the folk to talk to.

Phone number- +86-10-68080117
Email - flwangfang@ccpit.org
I have personally tried to contact that email address, but have not yet received a reply. I don’t know why that might be, but these were the contact details I was given, so I simply pass them on at this point.

Further Complaints
Obviously if you have, or believe you have become the victim of a criminal act, you should file a complaint with local Police. Also the Internet Crime Complaint Centre would be another good option. It shouldn't matter what country you are in.


I hope this helps. If you have more information that can improve this post I'd like to know.