• 4.4.3 Fix for BBC iPlayer being blocked. Added Ukraine server.
• 4.4.2 Fix for people entering license key in lower case.
• 4.4.1 Fixed issues for some printers/scanners being blocked. Added Brave web browser support. Updated translations. Changed digital certificate for installer.
• 4.4.0 Enhancements to licensing, including support for reseller keys. Sorry that took a long time. More fixes and features coming more quickly now. Next up Printer fix, Brave browser, then Netflix and other streaming
• 4.3.5 Added Perth, Australia; Vienna, Austria; Brussels, Belgium; Copenhagen, Denmark locations. Replaced London, UK with new location to prevent Arabic Google; Replaced Amsterdam, Netherlands with 10x faster server; Updated torrent servers.
• 4.3.4 Added German, Dutch, French, Spanish languages. Fixed iPlayer/enabled email location bug
• 4.3.2 Added Opera browser, option to not redirect email, link to 'What's new'
• 4.3.1 ...and reverted back to original driver as it works for everyone
• 4.3.0 Fixed driver issue compatibility with product called AdGuard and other similar products
• 4.2.8 Reverted back to previous driver to fix some issues. Added Jacksonville, USA to location.
• 4.2.5 Added connection notification to Task Bar and System Tray icon
• 4.2.3 Fixed printer problem for some users. Fixed BBC iPlayer downloads and radio.
• 4.2.1 Added IP address location information.
• 4.2.0 Added digital signing to all files to avoid antivirus problems.
• 4.1.9 Reverted back a 3rd party library which was causing issues for first install.
• 4.1.8 Added Norway, Spain. Changed license screen text, added more logging, fixed memory leak
• 4.1.4 Added Hong Kong, Rome - Italy, Stockholm - Sweden. Updated components.
• 4.1.2 Added status when connected
• 4.1.1 Fixed an issue where the latency/ping would sometimes show -1ms
• 4.1.0 Added licensing.
• 4.0.1 Fixed Icon after install, usernames with a space.
• 4.0.0 New Look, fixed white screen issue, printer bug on local, added Waterfox and Palemoon, other enhancements.
• 3.16 Updated Driver to address some issues with Kaspersky AV.
• 3.14.0 Got rid of the Firewall popup prompt after install
• 3.13.0 Changed UK Servers to support IPv6. iPlayer now supports subtitles.
• 3.12.0 Changed US Netflix server
• 3.11.0 Changed UK server, various bug fixes
• 3.10.0 Added DNS, passes DNS leak tests when redirecting all computer; Options to watch Netflix USA and BBC iPlayer
• 3.9.0 Added latency for each server while connected (ping test)
• 3.8.0 New London Server - Unfortunately it gave us a new IP address which doesn't work with BBC iPlayer as it's still showing an old location in France (hopefully will update soon). UDP Support (DNS unsupported, but being worked on currently)
• 3.7.0 New driver and installer. New features to come quicker now.
• 3.6.0 Updated server addresses, speed improvement and preparation of new features.
• 3.5.0 Re-did rules so they're faster, plus start/stop button is more responsive.
• 3.4.0 Added TCP in the client.
• 3.2.0 Changed Netflix server at Oregon location.
• 3.1.0 Added installer splash screen. Fixed issue if install username folder contained a space.
• 3.0.0 Added new installer, digital signatures for driver installation and auto-updater.
• 2.0.3 rewrote server component so it's much faster

VERSION 1.4.0 x1

Released 7th April 2016 ( Updated by restarting HideAway )

• [CHANGE] Changed installer to get around Kaspersky Self Defense blocking driver installation


Released 21st August 2015 ( Updated by restarting HideAway )

• [NEW] Users can now edit profile names and delete profiles
• [NEW] Expanded each pre-defined rules information


Released 20th July 2015

• [FIX] Update to fix intermittent disconnections for some users and blocked access to localhost (printers etc)


Released 3rd July 2015

• [NEW] Drag and drop to prioritize rules: Websites should be at the top, applications in the middle, entire country rules at the bottom.
• [NEW] Added Swiss, Canadian and French servers. Removed Missouri and Cairo servers due to reliability.
• [NEW] Added 13 new preset rules.
• [NEW] User guide added
• [CHANGE] Hideaway now shows the user interface if it is launched when already running.
• [CHANGE] Removed upload and download speed from speed screen because ping is a better indicator of speed. All servers are the same spec.
• [CHANGE] Ordered servers alphabetically by country.
• [FIX] USB drive fix usb drives with custom drive letters no longer change back to defaults
• [FIX] Hover over rules grid makes scrollbar more visible.
• [FIX] Blank device profiles can no longer be created.
• [FIX] Many other small fixes and improvements

VERSION 1.2.1 (Auto-update)

Released 5th June 2015

• [CHANGE] to login process to let users choose device profile on login


Released 25th May 2015

• [NEW] Traffic screen shows traffic based on rules
• [NEW] Simple traffic stats added to main rules page
• [NEW] Australian server added
• [CHANGE] X minimizes to system tray instead of task bar
• [CHANGE] Swapped position of rule check mark with encryption shield
• [CHANGE] Changed DNS Leak rule from port 53 to svchost.exe as some people had problems with email after port 53 redirected
• [CHANGE] Ping test repeats two more times if fails first time.
• [CHANGE] Rules are weighted, but we’ll add a UI component so people can change these in the near future. Websites rules take precedence over browser process rules, and these take precedence over whole computer rules.
• [FIX] Chromecast support fixed
• [FIX] Fix for Win7 having too many network drivers installed.
• Various other fixes and changes


Released 13th May 2015

• Improvements to Netflix streaming


Released 12th May 2015

• General Release to early users