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Today we updated our shopping cart and changed our payment processor.

We'd been looking for a while to change our payment processor of many years - Worldpay. While quite cheap, they were a bit restricting with very little options and customization allowed. We finally stumbled upon Global Collect, a payment processor with a vast array of payment options and currencies. They fit the bill perfectly and allowed us to offer a completely customized buying experience. So, when people come to the Firetrust site now, they will mostly likely see prices in their own currency and be able to pay in them too. We've only implemented the main credit card options, Paypal and cash and checks for now, but customers will soon be able to also pay via bank transfer and many other popular payment options available in their country.

The shopping experience is also better, it's a one page checkout, which is much improved from our previous five page checkout.

In other news, we just released version 2.77 of MailWasher Enterprise Server, while mostly bug fixes it also has new features.