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MailWasher Pro and Windows 7

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As you may know, Microsoft are releasing Windows 7 on the 23rd October. MailWasher Pro is fully compatible with all versions of Windows 7.

This includes 32 and 64 bit versions. We've been running Windows 7 here for a while now and all agree it's a very nice upgrade. Users of Vista won't find the learning curve very difficult, but users upgrading from Windows XP will find there's a bit more to learn.

We're still working away on the MailWasher rewrite. It's taken us longer than expected, but it's a vast improvement over the current version in usability, performance and looks. We'll post another video very soon.

If you need to retrieve your registration code, click here and you can download MailWasher Pro here and enter your registration code to make it the full version.