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MailWasher Enterprise Server v 2.74 Released

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We just released version 2.74 of MailWasher Enterprise Server with lots of improvements.

Quite a few improvements as listed below, quite a few of them relate to improving the user experience such as displaying foreign character sets properly, paging quarantine screens, improving status messages and making the grid more readable.

A lite version of SPF has been added and it switched off by default. If it is switched on, then less email will be sent to greylisting and will speed up delivery of email. But you may see slightly more spam sneak through.

• Quarantine screens now show Next/Previous links to move through screen pages.
• Blacklist IP addresses screen added.
• Correctly handles foreign character sets in quarantine screen.
• Body of email is displayed as a tooltip when mouse hovers over subject. In Registry/config file: 'view_body_max=200' where 200 equals the number of characters to display. This can be changed to a larger number if desired.
• Changed color of grid lines to be more readable.
• Version update message is shown when a new version is available
• Improved status messages if correctly or incorrectly configured
• Added lite version of SPF. In Registry/config file: 'use_spf=0' which means it is off by default. If it is set = 1, slightly more spam may sneak through but email will be delivered more quickly as it's less likely to greylisted.
• Fix: Allow cram-md5 for iPhones
• Registry/config file name changes: hostname -> web_hostname, port -> web_port, mta_hostname -> proxy_hostname, mta_port -> proxy_port, mta_relay_hostname -> mta_hostname, mta_relay_port -> mta_port

We're now working on other improvements such as daily/weekly emailed digest of blocked spam to each user, more end user options and improved graphs and stats. Plus we'll keep on working to improve the installation experience.