Released June 2022

• [New] Improved Bayesian usability so it's easier to classify many emails



Released October 2021

• [New] Moved install script to include Systemd controls. We don't recommend installing this version on old pre-systemd systems.
• [Fix] Relaying users was causing a crash
• [Fix] Resource leak fixed
• [Change] chartdir5 updated to chartdir6
• [Change] Upgraded Sqlite to most current version, better thread management.
• Note: On install Debian puts up a firewall, Ubuntu has no problem out of the box.



Released 14 November 2018

• [Fix] Linux only: Fix for RBL's not working due to Linux security update
• [Change] MWES can now filter base64 subject lines
• [Change] Added support for huge emails (>50mb)


Released 27 July 2017

• [Change] Housekeeping runs all the time without causing the Database to lockup/mail flow to stop
• [Fix] Fix for spam email which caused MWES bayesian to go in to a loop.


Released 5 July 2017

• [Change] Change to quarantine storage for duplicate emails
• [Fix] Fix for iMail compatibility with Outlook/Hotmail deliverability.


Released 10 March 2017

• [Change] SQL/performance improvements to housekeeping
• [Change] Housekeeping can be set to a lower amount than 7 days
• [Fix] Fix for pass through that would quarantine bayesian filtered emails.
• [Fix] Update resolver for later versions of Debian and CentOS. Will not install libresolv.so.2, but it's included as backup for older version of linux as "libresolv.so.2.bak". Just rename if required.


Released 4 December 2016

• Accumulation of fixes for to
• [Feature] Enhanced performance for processing and delivering emails by blocking spammy connections to avoid throttling.
• [Fix] Fix for crash when 2 identical emails arrive at the same time and one is already in cache.
• [Fix] Fix for update notificaton not working.
• [Fix] Updated regular expression engine from http://www.regexlab.com/en/regref.htm so all these reg exp commands will work now.
• [Fix] Fix for housekeeping only keeping 7 days of emails.
• [Fix] Fix for MS Exchange when it sends undocumented SMTP commands.
• [Fix] Moved licensing back to a 30 day trial model.
• Miscellaneous fixes


Released 8 August 2016

• [Fix] Fixed rescue bayesian issue if duplicate

Released 16 June 2016

• [Fix] Fixed CIDR IP address entry for Trusted IP's
• [Change] Moved IP Whitelist to the Whitelist section from the Greylist section given that SPF is used. Should now work as expected for a whitelist function.


Released 13 April 2016

• [Fix] Fixed GUI timeout issue if MWES version update notice was blocked from being returned
• [Fix] Fix for undocumented and unrecognized commands when Exchange servers communicate with each other
• [Fix] Workaround for miscellaneous odd DNS problems
• [Fix] Will now use more than one DNS nameserver if present, and will fall back to OpenDNS, or can use an external DNS if specified in Windows Registry/Linux conf file
• Miscellaneous fixes


Released 2 March 2016

• [Fix] Fix crash when 2 greylisted emails appear at exactly the same time from same sender
• [Fix] Fixed login problem when reporting spam
• Miscellaneous fixes


Released 3 February 2016

• [Fix] For rescuing emails from a digest when not logged in
• [Add] Can now change the FROM in digest emails
• [Change] License offers a free option which enables spam filtering but disables dashboard, reporting, search and digest emails


Released 26th November 2015

• [Fix] SPF fix for Windows users who can't find nameservers
• [Change] Greylisting now works if SPF doesn't


Released 13th August 2014

• [Fix] Licensing fix for new users


Released 13th August 2014

• [Fix] SPF data fix
• [Fix] Import XML filters file fix


Released 13th August 2014

• [Fix] High CPU on limited connections
• [Fix] Replaced Windows SPF api to fix inconsistencies
• [Fix] Miscellaneous bug fixes


Released 13th August 2014

• [New] New design
• [New] Bayesian filtering to recognize good and spam email via training
• [New] SPF for bypassing greylisting of legitimate email
• [New] Wildcards ? and * can be used in Whitelist, Blacklist, email bypass screens
• [New] Report spam via URL in email body to train bayesian filters
• [New] Import whitelist, blacklist, filter and bypass emails from text or XML file
• [New] Edit whitelist, blacklist, domains, email bypass
• [New] Tooltips where needed for context sensitive help
• [New] Bypass email addresses screen to ignore filtering on email addresses or domains
• [New] Include reason for blocking option in non-deliverable message
• [New] Login screen setting to allow timeout to expire login or not to expire login
• [New] Housekeeping - days to keep quarantined emails in the database
• [New] Change body length preview when mousing over email in Quarantine
• [Fix] Miscellaneous bug fixes


Released 13th August 2014

• Improvements to blacklist and friendlist detection for email headers
• Many low level fixes


Released 7th June 2013

• Fix for users rescuing emails if they were not logged in, plus other URL fixes
• Small improvements to descriptions in GUI


Released 28th May 2013

• Performance and stability improvements
• Bug fixes


Released 21st August 2012

• Plesk Connector, for details see http://www.allenmara.co.nz/open-source-projects/
• White/Black list IPs using CIDR
• multi.surbl.org and multi.uribl.com added on install
• Ability to customize the 544 bounce message
• Blacklist now covers SMTP FROM: as well as FROM:
• Syslog (Unix/Linux only). writes all log info to the syslog process
# use syslog default 0 off 1 on
• New log level debugging, configurable from the UI
• Custom filters can now use the AND operator by using a carriage return
• The System>>Tracking screen now shows which custom filters caught spam
• Many small fixes
• Fix: force RSET at end of email transmit ion.
• Remote Action (which the Plesk connector above uses).
set in mwes.conf/windows registry by default this is set to zero.
Use either servlet to login
Note. When successfully logged in will use session id
configure table request/response
{"remoteActionResponse":"get", "mta_hostname":"mail.firetrust.com"}
Domain table request/response
query no wild card(*) required.
{"remoteActionResponse":"success", "domains":["firetrust.com", "firetrust.co.nz"]}

Uprading is as simple as installing the file over your current version. Windows users will need to manually stop the existing MWES Windows service first before installing this version. Please take a backup first as you will not be able to downgrade.

Download here.


Released 21st March 2011

• Option to clear Grey listing friends table.
• New license system.
• License screen update - add renew/upgrade.
• Crash report option.
• Auto generate user accounts option.
• Improvements to First Alert spam catching.
• Added auto reporting option on setting screen.
• Fix: Record and relay to MTA (Improves slow connection speeds).
• Fix: Many miscellaneous bug fixes to improve stability.

Uprading is as simple as installing the file over your current version. Please take a backup first as you will not be able to downgrade.

VERSION 2.7.81

Released 27th August 2010

• Fixed a bug where CPU could reach 100%.

Uprading is as simple as installing the file over your current version. Please take a backup first as you will not be able to downgrade.


Released 11th August 2010

• Feature: Digest reporting - users can be sent an email every X hours showing them which email has been quarantined and rescue it from within the digest email.
• Feature: Email tracking - trace emails sent through MWES and see if they were delivered, blocked or otherwise.
• Feature: Trusts IP's - Allows mail from a specific IP address to be passed through without any checks. (Sometimes called a Relay Address or Relay Client)
• Feature: System Configuration Screen - No more editing files or registry settings.
• Fix: Improvements to grey listing
• Many more fixes

Uprading is as simple as installing the file over your current version. Please take a backup first as you will not be able to downgrade.


Released 21st June 2010

• Feature: Custom white filters - you can now create filters to allow legitimate email.
• Change: More helpful setup wizard.
• Fix: edit and delete users could cause a crash if pressed in short succession.
• Fix: black listing screen fix to parse URL's correctly
• Fix: Authentication check. (Could crash the system)
• Beta - switched off by default, Digest reports - periodically sends a list of blocked email to users and allows them to rescue. please ask if you want to test/instructions how to turn it on.

Uprading is as simple as installing the file over your current version. Please take a backup first as you will not be able to downgrade.


Released 16th April 2010

• 11 May: Fix problem where authentication can cause crash in Windows/Linux
• 30 April: Fix for stats screen not showing data for some days.
• 30 April: Cache FirstAlert gateways
• Fix for custom filters which stopped working in 2.75
• Added MailWasher icon.

Uprading is as simple as installing the file over your current version. Please take a backup first as you will not be able to downgrade.


Released 7th April 2010

• System check/diagnostic screen.
• Setup Wizard.
• Reverse Lookup option speeds up Grey listing (Default OFF).
• Stats and graphs included.
• 64 bit Unix version.
• Allow for no host name on SMTP helo/ehlo command.
• Improve connect/disconnect times.
• Check RBL response correct fixes DNS lookup failing.
• Also many back end and framework tweaks preparing the way for future changes.

Uprading is as simple as installing the file over your current version. Please take a backup first as you will not be able to downgrade.


Released 14th October 2009

• Quarantine screens now show Next/Previous links to move through screen pages.
• Blacklist IP addresses screen added.
• Correctly handles foreign character sets in quarantine screen.
• Body of email is displayed as a tooltip when mouse hovers over subject. In Registry/config file: 'view_body_max=200' where 200 equals the number of characters to display. This can be changed to a larger number if desired.
• Changed color of grid lines to be more readable.
• Version update message is shown when a new version is available
• Improved status messages if correctly or incorrectly configured
• Added lite version of SPF. In Registry/config file: 'use_spf=0' which means it is off by default. If it is set = 1, slightly more spam may sneak through but email will be delivered more quickly as it's less likely to greylisted.
• Fix: Allow cram-md5 for iPhones
• Registry/config file name changes:

hostname -> web_hostname
port -> web_port
mta_hostname -> proxy_hostname
mta_port -> proxy_port
mta_relay_hostname -> mta_hostname
mta_relay_port -> mta_port

Note: Users upgrading from an earlier build to version 2.74 or later will need to make sure their existing registry entries correspond to changes in version 2.74 above. Users of Exchange 2007 and 2010 will need to follow the install instructions (parts 'Exchange Section' and 'MailWasher Section') to get it working properly.

Note: Updated build 16 October 2009 to fix a bug which was showing general emails in the user quarantine area.


Released 21st August 2009

• Added throttling support for high email loads. Can now handle very high volumes without any issues.
• Added extra program icons.
• Fixed. Extended SMTP End of Command Identifier.
• Fixed. End of Line in the same stream.


Released 12th August 2009

• Added fix for problems with bounced mail for Gmail and Comcast users - mainly related to Unix servers.


Released 29th July 2009

• Added actual from address in header for more accurate filtering.
• Added registry entry to not check domains. 'use_check_domains=1' by default, if =0 then doesn't check domains.
• Now allows local lan addresses to send outgoing.
• Now works with all versions of CentOS.


Released 23rd June 2009

• Added individual quarantine login (multiuser)
• Improved layout of whitelists, blacklist etc
• Faster quarantine access
• Added domain input screen to prevent open relays

VERSION 2.6.11

Released 2nd June 2009

• Replaces Microsoft STL with STLport which fixes some crashes with malformed emails

VERSION 2.6.10

Released 28th May 2009

• Auto add to friends list for delivered email for grey listing.
• Stats updated includes grey listing totals.
• Lots of bug fixes.


Released 15th May 2009

• Whitelist changed to case-insensitive.
• URL RBL support added.
• Fixed some screen formatting.


Released 7th May 2009

• Rescued emails are now shown in green in the quarantine screen.
• End users can access greylisting quarantine screen.
• Greylisted emails shown in grey less than 20 minutes old.

VERSION 2.65-2.67

Released 5th May 2009

• Fixed problem where some malformed emails could cause a crash.
• Some interface enhancements.
• Some performace tweaks.

VERSION 2.641-2.65

Released 27th April 2009

• Added grey listing option and an IP whitelist for greylisted legitimate/rescued emails. (Linux and Windows Proxy beta version only)
• Status indicator in admin area.
• More comprehensive logging and reporting.


Released 23rd March 2009

• Added grey listing option and an IP whitelist for greylisted legitimate/rescued emails. (Linux only at this stage)
• Option to pass through and mark headers or quarantine spam.
• Fix for quarantine searches being remembered.
• Fix to handle Internet Explorer correctly


Released 12th March 2009

• Added option to either Quarantine, or mark spam and pass through for filtering on the client side.
• Microsoft Exchange 2007 Agent added (see readme.txt after installation to get it working)
• Fix for Unix IO descriptor


Released 26th February 2009

• Fixed a timing problem with multiple RBL's


Released 24th February 2009

• Improved installer/uninstaller
• Custom spam filters using text or regular expressions
• Option to redirect Exchange conduit to a second box (Windows or Linux) running MWES
• Option to ignore MTA authentication and pass all email through filters


Released 10th November 2008

• Old MailWasher Server development discontinued after 4 years.