• Access your favorite websites and streaming video in different countries.
  • You’re always connected, no need to connect or disconnect (like other VPNs)
  • Be anonymous online to protect your privacy.
  • Encrypts your communications and website traffic for your security and privacy.
  • 2-7x faster than other VPNs, with international high speed servers & no data limits.
  • Route websites and software to different locations - impossible with other VPNs

VPN speed test of five popular VPNs

We ran a speed test of five popular VPNs to determine which VPN had the fastest download speeds.

This is a simple test to do and clearly shows HideAway VPN orders of magnitude faster than the other VPNs. The results and videos of these speeds tests and more (including HideAway getting up ) are below.

How we tested

• Locations:
         New Zealand to New Zealand
         New Zealand to Los Angeles, USA
         New Zealand to London, UK
         New Zealand to Frankfurt, Germany
• Connection and OS: 1 gigabit fibre connection, Windows 10
• Testing software: speedtest.net Windows client
• VPNs: SurfShark, CyberGhost, NordVPN, ExpressVPN (all OpenVPN), HideAway VPN
• Date: 17 May 2020
• Results: Mbps

New Zealand to New ZealandHideAway VPNSurfSharkCyberGhostNordVPNExpress VPN
Test 133110613512530
Test 24629713712927
Test 34629814312534

*On average, HideAway was 3.3x faster

New Zealand to Los Angeles, USAHideAway VPNSurfSharkCyberGhostNordVPNExpress VPN
Test 13359210411181
Test 23378613011188
Test 3289961188185

*On average, HideAway was 2.7x faster

New Zealand to London, United KingdomHideAway VPNSurfSharkCyberGhostNordVPNExpress VPN
Test 12537511310368
Test 2248851079165
Test 3290741098178

*On average, HideAway was 2.4x faster

New Zealand to Frankfurt, GermanyHideAway VPNSurfSharkCyberGhostNordVPNExpress VPN
Test 128568437173
Test 229163168378
Test 32585797659

*On average, HideAway was 3.6x faster

Video of all tests and how the tests were done

Tests with Wireguard enabled VPNs

Further tests were conducted against Wireguard enabled VPNs.
NordPVN (Using NordLynx), Mullvad, Wireguard Windows Client, HideAway VPN.

Wireguard Speed tests (average of 3 tests in Mbps)HideAway VPNWireguard Windows client *NordVPN (NordLynx)Mullvad
New Zealand to Los Angeles, USA2062410014
New Zealand to London, UK138 5613
New Zealand to New Zealand263 7976

*This test used exacly the same VPN server specs as HideAway VPN in the same datacentre.
We did change the speedtest server after this and Wireguard got faster speeds (80mbps) and so did HideAway.

Wireguard on Windows Video

NordVPN and Mullvad video

Tests from DataCentre to DataCentre

Testing from DataCentre to DataCentre in the hope to obtain consistent reliable results. Windows 2016 in Frankfurt DataCentre
NordPVN (Using NordLynx), Express VPN, HideAway VPN.

DataCentre VPN Speed tests (average of 3 tests in Mbps)HideAway VPN *Express VPNNordVPN (NordLynx)
Germany to Germany468 - 664108172
Germany to Los Angles, USA359 - 5998590
Germany to Sydney, Australia259 - 5139282

*These tests of HideAway VPN against Express VPN and NordVPN were conducted at different dates.
The first result is against NordVPN and the second result is against Express VPN.

Express VPN video

Nord VPN/Nord Lynx VPN video

Test of HideAway VPN with a 10 gigabit connection

Testing at Packet.net with 10 gigabit connection speed on Windows 2016
Tested with fast.com, speedtest.net client and iperf.
3 tests were conducted each time, these are the top speeds reached (Mbps)

Testing ToolHideAway VPNWithout HideAway VPN
iperf (local LAN)57605700

Full test video here.


Many factors can influence internet speeds, such as time of day, congestion, connection quality and so on. For VPNs, this also includes encryption, server congestion and location.

HideAway VPN was so much faster than the other VPNs. It wasn't a matter of megabytes in speed difference, but many times faster than the other VPNs. In fact, it appears there's not much difference in speed with HideAway VPN enabled or not.

HideAway VPN does use the same encryption as Wireguard (unlike OpenVPN which the majority of VPNs still use). But due to further optimizations, HideAway VPN was also consistently at least 2x faster then Wireguard based VPNs.

Some additional notes

• HideAway VPN remains fast all the time because the VPN servers it uses are only dependent on bandwidth, not CPU or memory.
• HideAway VPN connects and disconnects instantly, unlike other VPNs which took around 10 seconds or longer to connect.