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OkInbox - Helps StopEmail Overload

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We are pleased to announce the release of OkInbox, a plugin for Microsoft Outlook to help with the worldwide problem of email overload.

Email users worldwide continue to struggle with the daily barrage of time wasting and distracting email piling up in their inbox. This realization prompted us to invent a solution for users of Microsoft Outlook. OkInbox, released today, delays any non-urgent and unimportant email, bundles these emails in to a digest and delivers them as a single email newsletter at a later time and date convenient to the user. The user is thus saved from constant email interruptions, task switching and email overload.

Email overload and corporate spam is a huge problem for many businesses around the world. The problem is two pronged. First, the sheer volume of email arriving in to users’ inboxes each day is overwhelming and often leads to overwork, user’s giving up, or not replying to email. Second, the daily distraction of notifications causes constant task switching and loss of focus for the user. Ultimately, the user’s productivity reduces.

OkInbox helps solve the problem of email overload with a Microsoft Outlook plugin, designed to make it easy for users to add emails to a digest, so all future emails are then delayed and delivered at a time and date more convenient to the user.

"When you use OkInbox, instead of receiving loads of email each morning and trying to hunt down important email, you end up with just a few important emails to action, and a digest of the less important emails sent to you at a later time to browse." said CEO of Firetrust, Nick Bolton. "The ease of use of OkInbox and integration in to Microsoft Outlook makes it an easy choice for the business professional to get on top of their email overload problem, and inbuilt statistics help to prove its efficiency."

The benefits of using OkInbox are obvious.
1. Users get less email in their inbox.
2. Less distractions from email constantly arriving in users’ inboxes.
3. Reduced task switching instead of having attention diverted to new email.
4. Improved focus on important email and other tasks.

Numerous independent studies have shown the detrimental effect email overload has on a business. An often quoted study by Intel showed that 70% of e-mail gets handled within six minutes of arrival and the average worker is interrupted every three minutes and thus they had to task switch constantly. The bottom line was that Intel's workers were wasting about six hours a week.

Another study by Microsoft showed once a co-workers work had been interrupted by an e-mail notification, people took, on average, 24 minutes to return to the suspended task.

OkInbox installs quickly in to Microsoft Outlook and adds a button 'Add to Digest' to the Outlook Toolbar. When an unwanted email arrives, the user presses the 'Add to Digest' button, selects a Digest they wish to add the email to, such as Newsletter or Notifications, and this type of email will next time be delivered later at a more convenient time. Digest delivery times can be customized to any time in the day or week, and filters can be created to give the user finer control over which emails are delayed.

System Requirements and Availability
OkInbox is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 on Microsoft Windows. OkInbox can be downloaded with a fully functional 15 day free trial. Thereafter, OkInbox can be purchased for a single payment of US$49.95 The press release can be read online (when available) here.