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MailWasher Server Version 3.0 Released

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It's been a long time coming, but we're pleased to release version 3.0 of MailWasher Enterprise Server with a new look and many new features.

Below is a list of the new changes. Not only has a new design been implemented, MWES now has better spam catching ability with bayesian learning filters and spam reporting. SPF has been included to let legitimate email through greylisting faster and wilcards can now be used in the whitelist and blacklist.

Upgrading is easy - just take a backup of your existing mwes database, stop the service and install the new version.

Specific instructions for upgrading can be found at:
Windows: instructions here
Linux: instructions here

Click here to find out how to use the new features.

List of new features below
[New] New design
[New] Bayesian filtering to recognize good and spam email via training
[New] SPF for bypassing greylisting of legitimate email
[New] Wildcards ? and * can be used in Whitelist, Blacklist, email bypass screens
[New] Report spam via URL in email body to train bayesian filters
[New] Import whitelist, blacklist, filter and bypass emails from text or XML file
[New] Edit whitelist, blacklist, domains, email bypass
[New] Tooltips where needed for context sensitive help
[New] Bypass email addresses screen to ignore filtering on email addresses or domains
[New] Include reason for blocking option in non-deliverable message
[New] Login screen setting to allow timeout to expire login or not to expire login
[New] Housekeeping - days to keep quarantined emails in the database
[New] Change body length preview when mousing over email in Quarantine
[Fix] Miscellaneous bug fixes