Stop spam, scams and other junk

Receiving spam is like those telemarketers who call at dinner time, completely annoying and you didn't ask for it. Luckily you can stop this now! Comes with all new free Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone version!

Install MailWasher today to screen all your email accounts in one place and allow only the email you want in your inbox.

MailWasher lets you preview all your email before it gets to your computer or mobile device, enabling you to read all your email securely, and instantly delete any unwanted or suspicious email. Your remaining good email is downloaded to your PC or mobile device, saving you from receiving any spam or email viruses.

When you use MailWasher, the benefits become obvious.

  • Zero spam in your computer or mobile device.
  • Inspect any email before it gets to your computer or mobile device.
  • Never lose an email because you can't afford to.
  • Intelligent spam tools ensure spam is caught and good email is not

With over 8 million users, 18 languages and features on both BBC World and CNN you can be confident that using MailWasher is one of the easiest ways to get rid of spam.

MailWasher Awards

Thanks for your email & thanks for a really 1st class program. Spam & unwanted emails drove me crazy for so long. From the very beginning your program was easy to install, easy to customise, simple to add new friends & blacklist, superb filtering, pain free upgrading & great interaction with Microsoft Outlook. You put the big name businesses to shame.

C Robbins

I don't usually take time to comment on products, but this one deserves special note. I was spending 30 minutes a day creating new rules in Outlook until I tried your software... WOW...3 minutes (at the most) and I have a clean useful email box. You guys are a life saver...actually a time saver. I just found 27 minutes a day, that's almost one full week a year that I no longer have to spend on spam.

John A. Margolis

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Receive only the email you want

Check your email with MailWasher first. You'll be safer with the knowledge of what's waiting for you on the server, allowing you to quickly inspect and read your email and remove any unwanted messages quickly and easily.

In 3 simple steps you'll be spam free.

1. Press the Check Mail button

2. Mark any unwanted messages for delete

3. Press the 'Wash Mail' button to remove the spam

The remaining good email is downloaded to your computer

Check, mark for delete, then wash mail

Inspect your email before it gets to your pc

View everything about your messages before they get to your computer so you can determine if they're really spams, scams or good email. This means you can delete unwanted messages at the server so you only get the email you want.

MailWasher lets you view the email safely in plain text, but you can also inspect who it's really from, who owns the company who sent it (WHOIS report) and all the hidden links.

Given that you can't afford to lose any legitimate email, MailWasher lets you have the final say on it before letting you 'Wash' the spam away.

Step 2
Control when you receive email
Organize emails to a digest

Intelligent spam tools

Advanced spam detection technology and tools do all the hard work for you by automatically marking spam emails.

From simple friends list, blacklists and learning filters to advanced custom filters, MailWasher has you covered.

Step 3

Free mobile version

There's nothing worse than spam coming to your mobile device, so take control with MailWasher and banish that spam while on the go. It's dead easy to use and very fast.

Download the version for your mobile phone or tablet and sync your email accounts, friends lists, blacklists etc from MailWasher Pro to your mobile device.

After installing, create a Firetrust Login on your mobile device, so you can always have the same email accounts accessible on any device and to sync from MailWasher Pro. Then login with your Firetrust Login and add your email accounts (or sync them from MailWasher Pro).

Learn more...

Download MailWasher Mobile from the App Stores below

  • Easy setup, easy to use

    The setup wizard makes setting up MailWasher a breeze.

    Your email account settings and contacts lists are imported in to MailWasher so you can get started right away

    Step 2
    Control when you receive email

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    Quick Answers to Common Questions

    Which email programs does MailWasher work with?

    MailWasher works with every email program, since all email programs support POP3 or IMAP. eg. Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, GMail, Hotmail, AOL, Incredimail, Postbox,, Yahoo, EM Client and so on.

    How does MailWasher work?

    MailWasher logs in to your email accounts at your internet provider and downloads a copy of the email allowing you to read all your email on the server. Your email actually stays on the server at your internet provider, but MailWasher lets you inspect and interact with your email.

    MailWasher uses its built in spam tools to best determine what is spam and what is good email. You'll get great results if you initially train MailWasher to learn which of your email is good and which is spam.

    You can easily mark email for deletion, report spam to authorities, bounce spam back to senders and train MailWasher to better recognize spam and good email. Then, simply pressing the 'Wash Mail' button will remove spam and unwanted email from the server so you can download the remaining good email to your email program.

    Using MailWasher is easy, but you should always check your email with MailWasher first, because once it's been downloaded to your email program, MailWasher can't interact with it.

    How can I train MailWasher?

    MailWasher comes built in with great spam tools which lets you customize how spam and good email is handled, but you'll get fantastic results when you train Mailwasher.

    All you need to do to train MailWasher is to click the 'Thumbs up' or 'Thumbs down' icons in the Classify column when MailWasher gets it wrong or doesn't evaluate it as good or spam. After doing this to about 10-20 emails, MailWasher will do it all for you from then on.

    What happens if I accidentally delete a good email?

    You can rescue it from the recycle bin. Just click on the Recycle Bin tab, find your email and press the 'Rescue' button and it will appear back in your inbox.

    What languages has MailWasher been translated to?

    English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Ukranian, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Norwegian, Armenian, Croatian, Danish, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and Pirate!. Help translate MailWasher.

    Where can I learn about the latest features included in MailWasher?

    You'll find these in the What's New page.

    I have a specific question not answered here

    First check out the Support Page, or send our friendly support team an email with your question.

    How many computers can I use MailWasher on?

    Each license allows you to use MailWasher on 3 computers.

    How much does MailWasher cost?

    US$39.95, Get 25% off this price which covers support, ongoing updates, real-time spam blocking and the mobile version for the first year. After this, the required renewal is $24.95 to ensure you get access to support, real-time spam blocking and the latest updates. There is also 2 and 3 year renewal and a lifetime license option.
    Ultimately our goal is to keep you, our customers and to keep you happy so we hope you'll appreciate the improvements we make to MailWasher Pro over the next year and feel it's worth continuing your subscription beyond that.
    You can try MailWasher fully featured for free for 30 days. You also get a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

    Since using MailWasher Pro software my stress level when dealing with email has dropped to zero. I love you guys. I no longer have to deal with anything I don't want to deal with. Bless you. Thank you. You have no idea how happy it makes me when I watch MailWasher bouncing those creeps their mail back. You are the best!

    Mercedes Lackey, Fantasy Author

    I give this program 5 stars straight down the line and consider it the best spam blocking tool available.


    MailWasher Pro is a highly competent, usable, secure and time-saving spam filtering tool.

    Heinz Tschabitscher,

    The download was simple to install and started filtering out the spam straight away; perfect. I let the program run on a single PC for a month and was delighted with the simplicity and efficiency of the software; since then we have bought several licences and run it on every computer in the office and everybody appreciates its value in removing rubbish before it gets to us. In short, Mailwasher Pro represents real value and is money well spent, and I would not (and do not) hesitate in recommending it to anybody regardless of their technical ability.

    Henry Ward

    The new version is phenomenal. I don’ t know what you could do to make it more effective or easier to use. I am amazed at the ease with which the Mailwasher Pro 2012 software installs and is almost automatically configured. Please pass on my appreciate to the appropriate members of your team. I am very pleased with the software as well as your customer service.

    Phil Johnston

    Software Information

    Version Information

    Current Version: 7.8
    File Size: 20 MB
    Operating System: Works with Windows 7, 8 and 10, Windows Vista, XP
    Release Date: 19 April 2016
    Protection Against: Spam, phishing emails, email viruses, unwanted newsletters, unwanted email.
    Trial Limitations: The trial offers 30 days free and full functionality. If you wish to keep using MailWasher after 30 days, you must purchase a license.
    License: License to install on 3 computers. Includes 1 years use of all new versions, updates, real-time spam blocking and customer support for use with 3 computers. Current required renewal is US$24.95
    Lifetime license: License to install on 3 computers. Includes lifetime use of all new and future versions, updates, real-time spam blocking and customer support which Firetrust will provide.

    I am using mailwasher pro for several weeks and I would like to tell you that your software is among the best I ever had. It exceeded my expectations by far, e.g. now I can look at my emails before downloading them to Outlook and frequently I delete them on the server if I am not interested. The only thing I regret is that I did not find mailwasher earlier !

    Mag. Werner Cejnek

    Thank you so much!!! You and your staff are, by far, the most responsive software company I have ever worked with!!!

    Karen Hill

    Over the years I have worked and tested many anti-spam software, but found Mail Washer to be the best of the web today. I just would like to thank you and your company for great software and a top notch company serving the public.

    Tony Rogers