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MailWasher Pro 6 Released

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New features include the Action column which gives users a better and easier way to block spam and at the same time, train MailWasher Pro to recognise any spam they get. Many users were not aware they could train MailWasher Pro, or found training difficult to work. These changes recognise and resolve these problems. Internal spam algorithms which work with the community spam filter, FirstAlert! have been updated to reflect the ever changing nature of spam. This has the effect of FirstAlert! being more accurate and hence able to block more spam.MailWasher Pro has also been given a face lift. It's now more colorful with new icons and easier to work with. Other factors which increase usability are adding a recycle bin icon to the front of MailWasher Pro so users can rescue accidentally deleted email. Incidentally, many users were unaware there was a recycle bin at all. MailWasher Pro settings are now included in one area for ease of configuration and use. Other changes are minor and include many bug fixes. Very soon, we'll add a permanent beta version to the site so incorporate many of the changes users have asked for over the years. For those users who like to test new features and changes will find this a welcome addition. A newsletter will be sent out to all registered MailWasher Pro users over the next week informing them of, and recommending they upgrade to MailWasher Pro version 6.0.