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MailWasher Pro 2011.1.40 Released

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Today we released a new version of MailWasher Pro 2011 with some long requested features - hidden emails and new notifications.

In addition, 3 new languages were added - Armenian, Norwegian and Spanish. Many thanks to the translators of these languages and to all the existing translators for their continued hard work.

Hiding emails is particularly useful if you only want to display, say, Friends emails only, or spam only. By displaying spam email only, it makes it more efficient to go through any spam you have. When you 'Wash the mail' you can download the good email to your email program. At all times, Mailwasher will show a small indicator at the bottom of the screen to show how many emails are hidden. This icon can be pressed to toggle displaying emails as hidden or not. Hiding emails can be used with any of the spam tools except learning.

Another feature is better notification of new email. If you check multiple accounts, a summary will display from the system tray showing how many new emails you have. If you check a single account, then a summary of the most recent 4 emails is displayed.

Many other small improvements and bug fixes were added.