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HideAway 1 Shut Down For Now

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In the past 3-4 days, HideAway 1.X stopped redirecting any internet traffic for everyone for a reason we have not been able to deduce. Even the test software we use stopped as well, and that is a basic system we use for testing without any other add-ons. All Windows versions seem affected and it's not related to Windows updates. A lot of the work on the driver level for HideAway 1.X was done by a specialist Windows driver company and one of their contractors, so we're not able to fix this directly and we're no longer in contact.

We've continuing to work on HideAway 2. It uses a different driver and all the underlying code is completely new and much faster. You'll start seeing updates for HideAway 2 after about a month as we add in more of the required components.

Given also that we've been prevented from selling HideAway via our payment processor and Mastercard since October, we've taken the stance to shut down HideAway 1 for now and concentrate on finishing HideAway 2. Any affected customers can email sales@firetrust.com if they would like a refund, or if they choose, we'll add their remaining time on to HideAway 2 when it launches + 6 months. All customers are welcome to use HideAway 2 for now for free.

HideAway 2 is is beta, still quite basic and only redirects TCP traffic at the moment, but it seems the majority of users want to download stuff and watch content online, for which HideAway 2 is perfect. Over the next few days and weeks we'll add more locations to HideAway 2 and add an auto-update feature.