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Enhanced MailWasher Server Released

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For now, it's only for Linux until we sort out a few issues with the version for Microsoft Exchange. This new version 2.63 implements grey listing and what a difference it makes. Some of our email accounts which normally attract many thousands of spam emails a day, which after normal filtering reduced this to around 50 spam emails a day. After we implemented grey listing, it reduced this even further to where maybe 1 or 2 spam emails, if at all (none today), might sneak through on a daily basis. Grey listing works whereby when an email is received, we issue a temporary failure which makes the sending mail server retry to send the email - often within 15 minutes. If the email comes back, then we know it's been sent from a genuine source and its delivered to the recipient. If the email doesn't come back, it is assumed to be spam as the address is likely to be forged and will not be delivered. We've implemented a screen in MailWasher Enterprise Server which can be viewed in real time to see grey listed email. On the odd occasion, some email systems are not implemented correctly and will not issue a resend. In this case, the email can be rescued and the IP address will be added to the whitelist so as to let it through next time. Grey listing can slow down the delivery of email by up to 15 minutes, sometimes more in some cases but it's not something users are likely to notice. Given that it may delay email, it's the last filter to be used but catches virtually all the remaining spam. Next up we'll be looking at SPF, domain keys and other identifying methods. We'll also be releasing corss platform versions which work with any mail server.