22nd May 2006


In the last release of MailWasher Pro, we included an innovative and effective antispam reporting solution called BlueFrog.

We are sad to report that the BlueFrog system has been permanently taken offline due to the actions of a malicious spam attack. More information about this can be found and you can have your say in the forums here.

The BlueFrog reporting feature within MailWasher will no longer work, so please disable BlueFrog reporting in MailWasher Pro and uninstall the BlueFrog tool from your computer.

To disable BlueFrog in MailWasher follow the following instructions: In MailWasher, click on Spam Tools Scroll down the menu of icons on the left. At the bottom you will see Blue Frog Click on Blue Frog Make sure the Check box labelled Enable spam reporting is unchecked.

Click OK

And to uninstall the Blue Frog program, go to Start >> Programs >> Blue Frog >> Uninstall Blue Frog. Then follow the on screen steps.

We are sad to see BlueFrog go as we felt the BlueFrog service offered some real opportunities for you to reduce your junk email, and had it not been for this malicious campaign against Blue Security, the service was proving to be effective.

- Christchurch, New Zealand.