Stop email overload with OkInbox

Do you get too much email? You know the scenario. Your inbox is overflowing with unanswered emails, newsletters and other stuff you just don't get time to read or reply to.

Install this FREE plugin for Microsoft Outlook to prevent the daily barrage of time wasting and distracting email during and out of work hours.

OkInbox delays any non-urgent and unimportant email, bundles these emails in to a digest and delivers them as a single email newsletter at a later time and date more convenient to you.

When you use OkInbox, the benefits become obvious.

  • You get less email in your inbox
  • Less distractions from email constantly arriving in your inbox, even after hours or in the weekend
  • Reduce task switching instead of having your attention diverted to new email
  • You'll be able to better focus on important email and other tasks

Integrated with Microsoft Outlook, OkInbox is very simple to use and you'll quickly notice the benefits of a reduced amount of email arriving to your inbox.


"An Intel study showed that 70 percent of e-mail gets handled within six minutes of arrival and the average worker is interrupted every three minutes and thus they had to task switch constantly. The bottom line was that Intel's workers were wasting about six hours a week."


"A study by Microsoft researchers tracking the e-mail habits of coworkers found that once their work had been interrupted by an e-mail notification, people took, on average, 24 minutes to return to the suspended task."

Information Management

"In fact, research conducted st Basex…shows that the problem cost the U.S. economy around $997 billion in is a big part of the problem. Processing 100 emails can occupy more than half of a worker's day."

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Stop Email Interruptions

Regain your productivity by avoiding unnecessary interruptions.

Only receive the email you want, when you want, without getting distracted by non-urgent, unimportant emails and notifications.

With OkInbox, it's dead easy to organize your inbox and delay unimportant email to be delivered at a more convenient time, with a single click of the 'Add to Digest' button.

Step 1

Control When You Receive Emails

Unimportant and non-urgent emails are delayed, embedded into a digest, then delivered at a pre-determined time/date, eg. Lunch time each day or say 4:30pm.

Important email is always delivered normally without delay.

Step 2
Control when you receive email
Organize emails to a digest

Organize Non-Urgent Email in to a Digest

A digest is like a newsletter which summarizes all the delayed email. It displays the subject lines for each email so you can quickly check at a glance the content of each email, then click to go straight to it. The digest also includes each email as an attachment.

Step 3

Quick Answers to Common Questions

What is email overload?

Email overload means spending hours on email each day, while being constantly interrupted by more incoming email. It distracts you from doing real productive work.

Research has shown that it's not just the volume of email which overwhelms people, but the constant interruptions and task switching which takes people away from other tasks.

How does OkInbox work?

Non-urgent and unimportant email is delayed and embedded into a digest, which is like a newsletter with a summary of all the delayed email. This digest is then delivered at a pre-determined time/date, eg. Lunch time each day or say 4:30pm. Important email is delivered normally.

Unimportant email doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not wanted, it could be notifications, newsletters, or email from colleagues which just doesn’t need your instant attention.

When you use OkInbox, instead of receiving loads of email each morning and trying to hunt down the important email, you could end up with just a few important emails to action, and a digest of the less important emails sent to you at lunch time to browse.

Using OkInbox is easy. After you’ve installed it, when unimportant email comes in, just add it to a pre-set digest (eg. Newsletters). The next time a newsletter from that organization arrives, it is instead added to the Newsletter Digest and delivered at a later time.

As you add more unimportant email to the OkInbox, in a few days you’ll notice a huge reduction in the amount of email you receive. if you want to get more particular about what email is delayed, you can setup custom filters to automatically add emails to OkInbox based on Subject, From, Urgency, Text in the email body and so on.

What happens after I install OkInbox?

Outlook will first request to install the plugin, then you'll notice a new button 'Add to Digest' on the Outlook toolbar.

Click an email in your inbox you want to delay, and click the ‘Add to Digest’ button and choose which Digest to add to. Next, click the 'Add to Digest' button again and choose 'Manage Digests' and click the button 'Edit Delivery' and choose an appropriate time for the digest to be delivered.

How is this different from creating rules?

OkInbox does two things you can't do with Outlook rules. OkInbox will delay unimportant emails, and hide them until a certain time so you won't know they're there to interrupt your workflow.

While rules are great for shuffling emails in to folders, research has shown most people don’t filter their emails into folders, but instead just let email build up in the inbox. If an email does come in which a rule sends it to a folder, users are still distracted in to reading that email.

Rules are more like a filing mechanism, but do not stop the distraction. OkInbox delays unimportant emails and hides them, stops notifications of digested email and stops the distraction.

Which versions of Microsoft Outlook does OkInbox work with?

Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 using POP3, IMAP or Microsoft Exchange. Updates will be delivered to support any future Outlook versions.

How much does OkInbox cost?

It's Free, although there are limits on the number of rules you can have. Purchasing a license removes that limit.


“Still, a survey of 2,300 Intel employees revealed that people judge nearly one-third of the messages they receive to be unnecessary. Given that those same employees spend about two hours a day processing e-mail (employees surveyed received an average of 350 messages a week, executives up to 300 a day), a serious amount of time is clearly being wasted.”

Mis Quarterly

“Stressed IT professionals are linked to issues of organizational commitment, turnover intentions, and work exhaustion.” “Two recent studies have emphasized the importance of technostress by studying the impacts of technostress. These studies have found that individuals experiencing technostress have lower productivity and job satisfaction, and decreased commitment to the organization.

Get Control

"25,000 surveys compiled by Cohesive Knowledge Solutions, Inc. (CKS) indicate that professionals now spend 2.5 hours a day on email and consider 30% of that time to be wasted. Extrapolated across America’s 100 million knowledge workers and assuming an average wage of $30/hour this equates to a whopping $540 Billion wasted each year."


“But one calculation by Nathan Zeldes and two other researchers put Intel’s annual cost of reduced efficiency, in the form of time lost to handling unnecessary e-mail and recovering from information interruptions, at nearly $1 billion.

Software Information

Current Version: 1.0.128
File Size: 0.33 MB
Outlook version: Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 (32 and 64 bit), and Office 365
Operating System: Works with Windows 7, 8 and Windows Vista, XP
Release Date: 9 September 2013
Protection Against: Email overload by way of delaying unimportant and non-urgent email, bundling it in to a newsletter digest and delivering it later at a more convenient time.
Free Product This is free software, but a one time payment of a license key gives you support and allows you to create unlimited rules.
License: Free License allows one copy per user. Licenses are fixed to versions of Outlook. Single payment includes all new versions, updates and customer support.

A frustration saver This software is magic, I've gone from a truckload of emails in the morning, to just the people I really want to hear from.

Sheryl Gains

This is one of those rare products which is simple to understand and makes a real difference to my daily work emails. Good stuff.

Ben Felts

OkInbox rocks. It's simple to use and does what it says on the tin. I know the staff are being more productive without the distractions of irrelevant emails.

Simon Dawkins