IOS - iPhone, iPad, iPod - MailWasher Beta test

Update: This has already been released at

Thank you for your interest in testing MailWasher Mobile for IOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). These instructions relate to IOS, and soon we'll release an Android version after a few touch ups to it.

If you're keen to help us test and give us feedback, then we look forward to having you help us.

Just a few notes:

  • This is early beta software, so things may not work as you expect and lots of features won't be present.
  • Please give us as much feedback as you can. Criticisms are welcome and at this early stage we expect things to change, so please comment on things you like, things you don't like, the usability, design, general usage and of course anything which doesn't work as expected.
  • We'll release a version of MailWasher Pro 2012 with syncing very soon, so things like accounts, friends and blacklists will sync. At the moment you'll just have to enter your details manually.
  • Limits: Only 1 (one) POP3 account is supported at the moment. SSL, APOP and TLS are not supported yet. There is no recycle bin yet (deleted emails are gone). Only the most recent 100 emails are shown while we try to estimate load etc, and mail checks are done on a 3 minute interval. We just want to get the general usage of the app right before adding stuff.
  • This is a hosted application and uses HTML to display everything, and is then wrapped up to look like an app.

Ready to test?

We need your devices unique ID (UDID) from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
There's some good instructions below on how to get this

After you send us the UDID, we'll add it to Apple's developer portal, notify you and then you can install the app.

How to install the app

1. Download the zip file we send you
2. Unzip the file. There should be two files inside: a file ending with “.ipa” and a file ending with “.mobileprovision”.
3. In iTunes, on the left column, go to Library>>Apps Drag the .mobileprovision file to this window Drag the .ipa file to this window
4. On the left column, go to Devices>>then your iPad You should be on the 'summary' page (along the top), then click on the 'Apps' page Find MailWasher in the list and check the box.
5. Click the 'Apply' button at the bottom right, Click the 'Sync' button at the bottom right.

Mailwasher should be on your device.

How to give Feedback

We've got a couple of different areas for feedback.
1. We'll invite you to, a free service for giving feedback and ideas. You'll also get insight in to what we're working on feature wise.
2. There's also the public forum