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MailWasher Pro

Spam drives everyone crazy, but MailWasher is the easiest and most powerful way to stop unwanted email getting to your computer. Now you can safely preview and delete bad email before it gets to your computer.


Get the fastest, most effective PC and mobile protection today. SecureAnywhere is a revelation in security and ease of use.

  • Perfect malware blocking scores from PC Mag
  • Scans nearly 4x faster than Norton™
  • Instantly protects against new threats as soon as they emerge
  • Protects your passwords, credit cards, and other personal information
  • Secures up to 3 PCs and 3 tablets or smartphones


Stop viruses, worms, scripts, web bugs and other nasties from attacking your computer, using this powerful email neutralizing software. Benign takes in email and simply produces, safer email


Email encryption for everyone. Finally an easy way to securely send and receive email without the complexity. Coming soon.


Do you get too much email? You know the scenario. Your inbox is overflowing with unanswered emails, newsletters and other stuff you just don't get time to read or reply to.

Install this simple plugin for Microsoft Outlook to prevent the daily barrage of time wasting and distracting email.

OkInbox delays any non-urgent and unimportant email, bundles these emails in to a digest and delivers them as a single email newsletter at a later time and date more convenient to you.

MailWasher Enterprise Server

MailWasher Enterprise Server (MWES) is a robust and extremely effective, server-side spam filter which is flexible enough to handle the needs of small businesses through to very large businesses and ISP's.