Affiliate system makeover

We recently gave the affiliate system a makeover and it's now much nicer to use (as well as prettier).

Affiliates will find all the tools at their fingertips as well as a convenient dashboard to show the most important things at a glance. Now it's much easier for affiliates to use campaigns to help monitor which promotions are working well for them, along with directing their customers to the right landing page.
Utilising some fancy AJAX, we hope affiliates like the new look.

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Screenshot below.

Hi You say to buy gets rid of

You say to buy gets rid of the “UGLY BANNER” why then don't you make it a "Pretty Banner" if you are unhappy about it ?

Mr A

I paid for mailwasher pro on

I paid for mailwasher pro on 31 january this year, it has come out of my credit card but the banner is still there. I can't get on
to anyone to find out what to do next and I don't even know if I have mailwasher pro???? someone please help/?????

Email through your purchase

Email through your purchase details (even just the email address you used will do), they'll send you your Registration Code again.
It sounds like you are still using MailWasherFree though and not MailWasherPro, so part of the process will be installing MailWasherPro from