MailWasher Pro needs testers

Let’s face it, beta testing software is not very sexy, especially with the kinds of qualities that work well when dealing with software companies directly, providing them feedback and thoughts on aspects that can be improved.


Hotmail now with free POP3 access

Hotmail has finally moved out of the Age of Stupid and entered the Age of Last Century by allowing free POP3 and SMTP access. It has been available for some time already for Hotmail Plus subscribers, but as Hotmail Plus was a paid service and competitors such as GMail offered free POP3, IMAP and SMTP access it was not widely adopted.

If you're asking yourself what is POP3 how does it relate to my Hotmail and why do I care, then let's break it down.

Intelligence Not Included

Throughout November 2008 we received some 30 odd purchases of our Benign software through a single affiliate. Affiliate programs like ours give sellers a percentage of each sale, so people with their own website can promote products and earn a commission.

The proof is in the chocolate

We've been getting really great responses since we said we would again take trade for MailWasher Pro


So as I have a holiday tomorrow, giving that nice long weekend and a stomach full of chocolate I thought I'd share some things we've seen this week.


Very special thanks to Dane from Switzerland, yummy chocolate as well as being the first person to send something in.


Firetrust now takes trade

Back when MailWasher Pro was just called MailWasher, which we only took voluntary donations for, we also used to receive all sorts of great gifts.

New Firetrust Support Forums

Over the last several years we have hosted all our forums with It has been a great partnership for us, we’ve made a lot of friends, and myself especially have enjoyed watching CastleCops grow over the years into a massive community. The commitment and drive behind CastleCops really made it a benchmark for other security related websites, and the community built has been absolutely tremendous in assisting not only each other, but to help us better understand our customers.

Google Insights

Google Insights (Beta) is a new tool from Google allowing you to compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories and time frames.

The flexibility and functionality it gives will draw significant increases in deployment of marketing strategies, further understanding of target demographics, and give analysts a comparative view on user search patterns.

Contextual advertising

I do enjoy the benefits of contextual advertising. Read an article about laptops, see advertising on laptops and their associated products. It has its limits of course, as I don't want my privacy being invaded to serve these adverts either.


Perhaps though, in this case, things have been taken too far. Taken from the Sydney Morning Herald today.



Buying Refurbished consoles

Buying Refurbished consoles, such as Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 3 is relatively common. Though they are indeed second hand and most likely recently repaired, they are still cheaper. You may be able to save somewhere between $100 - $150. Not a bad bargain especially if you’re like me, who dresses like a hobo and tries to buy everything on the cheap.

ScamChecker now has WhoIs lookups and maps

ScamChecker is a site I've been working on to help people recognise scam websites, at present specifically those that are trying to sell goods that don't exist or selling fakes.

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18 Feb 2015

MailWasher Pro 7.5 Released

This new version of MailWasher Pro contains a long awaited feature for the increasingly common IMAP usage by users of GMail, and many other email providers.