Leaders in security software

Firetrust was founded by Nick Bolton in 2000 with plans to develop an easy to use anti-spam software product for consumers. Following this, in 2001 MailWasher was released to the world and quickly became very popular because it allowed users to easily take control of their email.

Due to the popularity of MailWasher, several other email related products were brought to the market by Firetrust and also become popular in their own right. Today, Firetrust has been busy rewriting all their software to take advantage of the latest operating system features and also to make their software cross platform so it can run on Windows, Linux and Mac computers.

Firetrust's products include:

  • MailWasher Pro Very popular anti-spam product for consumers with over 8 million users worldwide. Powerful and easy to use. Currently being re-written.
  • MailWasher Enterprise Server Brilliant performing anti-spam solution for Windows and Linux servers. Takes care of all your spam at the server so users never see it
  • Benign Email neutralizer which takes in your emails and rewrites them so they are safe without altering the look or content.
  • Encrypt Sophisticated email encryption program which solves a lot of usability problems with email encryption. Currently under re-development.
  • OkInbox Solution for email overload - A Microsoft Outlook plugin

Firetrust's products are noted for their simplicity, requiring minimal technical expertise. This has placed Firetrust's products in an excellent position by becoming dominant products in their category.

MailWasher Pro, MailWasher Server and Benign software are currently offered for download from the Firetrust website's product page. SiteHound, Encrypt are being rewritten.
The Firetrust website also provides comprehensive user support, including a forum, frequently asked questions and tutorials.

MailWasher, SiteHound and Benign are registered trademarks of Firetrust Limited.

Firetrust is headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand.

An international company, inside and out!

Firetrust exports 99% of it's software to the world with the main markets being USA, UK and Australia. Correspondingly, many of the staff at Firetrust have come from countries such as UK, Germany, Jordan, Pakistan, Chile, China and Vietnam.