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Selling the free stuff


18th March 2008 - I've been neglecting this list, but after some people commented about Google Earth scams, I've now updated, adding around 360 websites


OK, so when I started writing this, I figured....meh....30 minutes perhaps to get the details together. 3 cigarettes, 2 coffees and a whole lot of finger cramp later I'm still here, tapping away. Because of this extra effort that almost felt like actual work, I'd be keen to hear any comments also in particular if I've missed any sites relevant to this, please let me know and I'll keep the listed updated.

Here's another scam, and though it's been around for a while, I thought it was worth a mention in the blog. Also the search results for some of these websites isn’t revealing immediate information that they are obviously scams, so maybe this blog post will move up those search rankings enough to help people to be wary.
Or convince you to try SiteHound


The basic premise of these scams is that they will sell you software that is already freely available....*sigh*.....but they’ll do so under the disguise of offering technical support, perhaps offering a “lifetime” license or “Gold Package”, or worse yet, bundling some other crappy programs together so you feel like you are getting a bargain. However they have no such agreement with the actual software publisher to do this, nor do they truly intend to provide you with much more than a credit card charge.

So I hear you ask "Sweet, that sounds like a real good deal, what kind of free stuff can I pay for, and where can I find this stuff?"
Well gentle reader, it ranges from the good stuff, to the not so good stuff. It's also remarkable how much stuff is out there.
"Stuff it" you say "That's too much work!"

OK then, here's a list.



AdAware scam sites

Acrobat Reader and Adobe Illustrator scam sites

AntiVir AntiVirus scam sites

Ares scam sites

Avast scam sites

AVG scam sites

Avira AntiVir scam sites

Azureus scam sites

BearShare scam sites

BitComet scam sites

BitLord scam sites

BitTorent scam sites

Blubster scam sites

Defender AntiVirus scam sites

DivX scam sites

DVD Shrink scam sites

eDonkey scam sites

eMule scam sites

eXeem scam sites

Firefox scam sites

Google Earth scam sites

Grokster scam sites

ICQ scam sites

iMesh scam sites

iSwipe scam sites

IncrediMail scam sites

InfranView scam sites

Internet Explorer scam sites

iPod or iTunes scam sites

Kazaa scam sites

kLite or Kazaa Lite scam sites

LimeWire scam sites

Lost TV Show scam sites

McAfee AntiVirus scam sites

Morpheus scam sites

MSN Messenger scam sites

MusicMatch scam sites

Nero Burning Rom scam sites

Netscape scam sites

Norton AntiVirus scam sites

Opera scam sites

Outlook Express scam sites

OverNet scam sites

PaintShop Pro Express scam sites

Panda AntiVirus scam sites

Picasa scam sites

Power DVD scam sites

Prison Break TV Show scam sites

Quicktime scam sites

Real Player scam sites

RoboForm scam sites

Shareaza scam site

Skype scam sites

SoulSeek scam sites

SpyBot Search and Destroy scam sites

uTorrent scam sites

WavePad scam sites

WinAmp scam sites

Windows Media Player scam sites

WinDVD scam sites

WinMX scam sites

WinRar scam sites

WinZip scam sites

ZoneAlarm scam sites

Zune scam sites

These are more generic scam sites, but some have special pages tailored for specific programs

Unsorted scam sites, but likely are related in some way


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