The bigger list of chinese scams

Earlier I posted about the person who was ripped off when buying cheap electronics from a chinese website. Within a few days others had also commented they had come across the same scam.


Here's the bigger, better, faster list of websites we are blocking in MailWasher Pro. So avoid these sites at all costs. They will rip you off by either not sending any of the goods ordered or sending counterfeit cheap knock offs. I'd also add I've not verified every single site, though I have checked a good deal manually. Some of the websites too have already disappeared so they have already been shut down..etc..


Many many thanks to the folks over at for allowing our list and their list to become combined, it's meant a further 2300+ sites have been added and the list of websites is now over 5700. To view their website, check out the link above, they truly are a great resource in assistance and detection of internet scams.

Websites are in this list for a variety of different reasons. Here's some of my criteria I use.

* It's believed or has been commented that goods ordered were never shipped
* It's believed or has been commented that goods ordered were counterfeit
* Fake information was provided when the website was registered
* Fake information is provided on the website
* The website bears similarities to other websites matching above criteria
* They were included by FraudWatchers


This posting attracts a great deal of comments, which is taking up a great deal of my time. I truly don’t mind helping people with genuine problems, but for those who are asking too much, I’m now laying down some ground rules that you must follow, if you cannot, your comment will not be approved. Continued abuse will just result in a ban. I don’t like having to do this, but there are just too many people who are treating this as some kind of wholesale buyers hotline service.

I've put together a guide, written to help you make better decisions when purchasing online. I urge you to read this guide first, there's a good chance this guide will answer your question.


There is also a supplemental post here that relates to dealing with websites in China, and provides some contact details for various Chinese authorities. If you have been a victim, this is a worth while look.


Lastly, you really should check out the website which I created to help you figure out if a website is a scam or not.


I no longer update this list, comments or take any queries. It's FYI only.
http://www.deller_phones dead


Last updated Monday 19th October 2009